Electrocorder EC-7VAR

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Three Phase Voltage, Current & Power Factor Data Logger.

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The Electrocorder EC-7VAR-RS Dual current range energy recorder from Acksen is used by electrical contractors, power distribution companies, facilities management, electrical or site-services and maintenance engineers to monitor power (kW)/energy (kWh) usage, check voltage and current variations helping them to diagnose any related issues, or to gather data perhaps to make representations to their power supplier.

Extensively used for UPS sizing and monitoring and standby generator sizing and monitoring. As the product records both voltage and current, users can determine if low voltage is related to high current demands on site, or if the low voltage is being supplied to the site.

Setting up the Electrocorder EC-7VAR is easy, suitable for non-technical staff. Using the supplied (free) Windows software, Electrosoft; input the location details for the logging and choose the logging period. Electrosoft will print the necessary dispatch/return documentation including user instructions. All data is included in a database of dispatches and returns, allowing you to track the location of multiple loggers.

The advantage of the Electrocorder products over most others is that the data logger constantly samples information (recording the Min, Max and Average) over the set period, many other products only take 'snap shots' of what is going on and can miss 99.9% of the data that is critical to your analysis.


Three voltage channels 600Vac.
Three current channels c/w selectable range; 400Aac or 3kAac.
One Power Factor (Cos) channel; phase angle between L1 and A1.
Rogowski coils fit round 140mm cables.
Complete with Electrosoft energy analysis software.

Electrocorder EC-7VAR Specifications:

  • Recorded values: V(avg), V(max) and V(min) on 3 channels and I(avg), I(max) & I(min) on 3 channels.
  • Voltage measurement range (Vrms): 5Vac to 600Vrms (Ph – Ph) or 5V to 350Vrms (Ph – N).
  • Measurement accuracy: ±1% of reading, ±1 Volt. (10 bit) within 100Vac-450Vrms (ph–ph); else ±3%. (50/60Hz ±2%).
  • Maximum channel input voltage: 600Vrms (Ph – Ph), 350Vrms (Ph – N).
  • Inputs (non-isolated inputs): Three phase inputs (L1, L2 & L3) & Neutral (N), non-isolated input channels.
  • Current measurement range (Irms): RS model is 4Aac – 400Aac and 20Aac – 3kAac.
  • Current measurement accuracy: Typically ±%5 of reading (within 10%-90% of range), otherwise 5% of range.
  • Data recorded: Average, max & min voltage & current values and Power Factor during the averaging period.
  • Memory capacity & type: 384kB able to record 32,000 values per channel/phase.
  • Memory - averaging period & duration: 2 sec to 60 min (2 sec = 4 hrs logging, 60 min = 300 days logging).
  • Communications interface type: USB, optically isolated to 5.2kV.
  • Battery type: six 1.5V Alkaline ‘AA’ batteries (IEC-LR6, ANSI/NEDA-15A).
  • Battery life while logging: Unlimited when connected to voltage.
  • Environmental Sealing: IP43 as standard, available as IP65/NEMA 12/4.
  • Dimensions: 260 x 180 x 190mm (10” x 7” x 8”).
  • Weight: 2kg (4lb).
  • EC-7VAR warranty: Lifetime back to base warranty covering manufacturing defects and component failures.

Includes: data logger, Rogowski transducers, voltage leads, USB lead, Electrosoft software and a carry case.

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Electrocorder EC-7VAR