Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyser

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The energy analysis capabilities of the Fluke 435 Series II gives electricians the ability to determine how much power is being wasted and calculate exactly what the extra consumption costs.

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Think of the Fluke 435 II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer as your insurance policy. No matter what goes wrong in your facility, with the 435 II you will always be prepared. Equipped with advanced power quality functions and energy monetisation capabilities, there is no electrical issue this model can’t handle.

The Fluke patented algorithm, Unified Power Measurement, measures and Fluke 435 energy loss calculatorquantifies energy losses due to harmonics and unbalance issues. The calculations made by UPM to quantify the cost are computed along with other facility specific information, by an Energy Loss Calculator that ultimately determines how much money a facility loses due to wasted energy.

Up to four different tariff rates can be entered in the Fluke 435-II, with set times that the particular rate applies, which allows you to accurately calculate energy loss in total, even when different tariffs kick in. With this information, you can present a report to your client that will show exactly how much money they are losing as a result of power quality issues, which in turn will help them to decide where to make improvements. Various currencies are available including GBP, EUR & Dollars.

Solar panels are fast becoming popular, with more people opting for this energy saving option. The Fluke 435 features the ability to measure AC output and DC input power simultaneously, enabling you to monitor the efficiency of solar installation systems.


Power inverter efficiency: Simultaneously measure AC output power and DC input power using optional DC clamp.
PowerWave data capture: Capture fast RMS data, show half-cycle and waveforms to characterize electrical system dynamics.
Energy loss calculator: Measurements are quantified to pinpoint the fiscal costs of energy losses.
Troubleshoot real-time: Analyze the trends using the cursors and zoom tools.
Highest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance.
Measure all three phases and neutral: With included four flexible current probes.
Automatic Trending: Every measurement is always automatically recorded, without any set-up.
System-Monitor: Ten power quality parameters on one screen according to EN50160 power quality standard.
Logger function: Configure for any test condition with memory for up to 600 parameters at user defined intervals.
View graphs and generate reports: With included analysis software.
Battery life: Seven hours operating time per charge on Li-ion battery pack.

Fluke 435-II Specifications:

  • IEC 61000-4-30 compliance: Class A.
  • Volts, Amps, Hz, Dips and swells, Harmonics, Power and energy, Unbalance & Inrush.
  • Waveform capture, Flicker, Transients, Mains signaling, Power wave & Power inverter efficiency.
  • Energy loss calculator.
  • Troubleshoot real-time.
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV / 1000 V CAT III rated.
  • Measure all three phases and neutral.
  • Automatic Trending.
  • System-Monitor: Ten power quality parameters on one screen.
  • Interfaces: mini-USB-B, Isolated USB port for PC connectivity.
  • Battery life: Seven hours operating time per charge on Li-ion battery pack.
  • SD card (Max 32 GB): 8 GB.
  • Weight: 1.1kg.
  • Fluke 435-II Warranty: 3 years on main instrument, 1 year on accessories.


Includes: BC430 Power Adapter, International plug adapter set, BP290 (Single capacity Li-ion battery) 28 Wh (7 hours or more), TL430 Test lead and Alligator clip set, WC100 color coding clips and regional decals, i430flex-TF, 24 inch (61 cm) length, 4 clamps, 8 GB SD card, PowerLog on CD (includes Fluke 435 Series II operator manuals in PDF format), USB cable A-Bmini, C1740 Soft Case.


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Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyser