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Kewtech KEW6315
  • Kewtech KEW6315
  • Kewtech KEW6315
  • Kewtech KEW6315

Kewtech KEW 6315 Compact Power Quality Analyser Kit

Kewtech Approved distributor.

Includes: Kewtech KEW 6315 Power Quality Analyser, 7141B Voltage Test Lead, 7170 Power Cord, 7219 USB Cable, 8326-02 SD Card (2GB), 9125 Carrying Case, 6 x Input Terminal Plates, KEW Windows Software, Calibration Certificate, Quick Manual, 6 x AA Batteries.

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Ease of use, massive memory, and the quick report facility sets the Kewtech KEW6315 above the competition.  Also there are two analogue input channels, you can monitor any variable for instance watch the change in electrical energy as inside and outside temperature changes. The Kewtech KEW 6315 can be used for simple measurements of instantaneous/ integration/ demand values, and also for monitoring waveforms and vectors, analysing harmonics and measuring the fluctuations in supply voltages and can perform Capacitance Calculation. Data can be saved either in the internal memory or a CF card, and can be transferred to a PC either via a USB lead or a CF Card reader.

Designed to meet the international safety standard IEC 610101 CAT.IV 300V/ CAT.III 600V/ CAT.II 1000V. The KEW6315 supports: Single-phase 2-wire (4ch), Single-phase 3-wire (2ch), Three-phase 3-wire (2ch) and Three-phase 4-wire. Free Android software "KEW smart 6315" is available on "Google Play Store. Please search "KEW Smart" in Google Play Store. Communication charge may be incurred separately to download application.


High accuracy meaurements +/- 0.2% Volts/Current, 0.3% Energy.
Quick set up guide - on screen guides and wiring check.
Simultaneous measurements.
Instantaneous Values.
Measures Flicker.
Energy consumed.
Demand monitor/prediction.
Wave form and vector diagrams.
Harmonic measurements and analyser.
Displays and calculates power factor and corrective capacitors.
Fourth current channel for measured neutral current (neutral current also calculated) or earth leakage.
Internal memory plus flash card memory.
Two additional inputs for external sensors. For instance to monitor lighting / temperature levels.
Complies fully to IEC61010-1 Cat IV 300V.

Kewtech KEW6315 Specifications
Wiring Connections 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W.
Measurements Voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy, power factor (cos), neutral current, demand, harmonics, quality (swell/dip/interruption, transient/overvoltage, inrush current, unbalance rate) capacitance calculation for PF correction unit, flicker.
Voltage (RMS)
Range 600.0/1000 V.
Accuracy ±0.2% rdg ±0.2% f.s. (sine wave, 40-70 Hz).
Allowable Input 1-120% of each range (rms). 200% of each range (peak).
Display Range 0.15 - 130% of each range.
Crest Factor 3 or less.
Sampling Speed of Voltage Transient 2.4 μs.
Current (RMS)
Range 8128 (50 A type) :5/50 A/AUTO
8127 (100 A type) :10/100 A/AUTO
8126 (200 A type) :20/200 A/AUTO
8125 (500 A type) :50/500 A/AUTO
8124/8130 (1000 A type) :100/1000 A/AUTO
8146/8147/8148 (10 A type) :1/10 A/AUTO
8129 (3000 A type) :300/1000/3000 A.
Accuracy ±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s.+accuracy of clamp sensor (sine wave, 40~70 Hz).
Allowable Input 1~110% of each range (rms). 200% of each range (peak).
Display Range 0.15 - 130% of each range.
Crest Factor 3 or less.
Active Power
Accuracy ±0.3%rdg±0.2%f.s. + accuracy of clamp sensor (power factor 1, sine wave, 40~70 Hz.
Influence of Power Factor ±1.0%rdg (reading at power factor 0.5 against power factor 1).
Other Specs
Frequency Meter Range 40 to 70 Hz.
Power Supply (AC Line) AC100 - 240V/50-60 Hz/7 VA max.
Power Supply (DC Battery) Alkaline size AA battery LR6 or Ni-MH (HR15-51) x 6
Battery life approx 3h (LR6, backlight off).
Internal Memory Flash memory (4 MB).
PC Card Interface SD Card (2 GB).
PC Communication Interface USV Ver 2.0, Bluetooth Ver 2.1 + EDR Class 2.
Display 320 x 240 (RGB) pixel, 3.5" colour TFT display.
Display Update Period 1 sec.
Temperature and Humidity Range 23±5℃,less than 85% RH(without condensation).
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range 0~45℃,leaa than 85% RH(without condensation).
Storage Temperature and Humidity Range -20~60℃,less than 85% RH(without condensation).
Applicable Standards IEC61010-1 CATⅣ 300 V, CATⅢ 600 V,
CATⅡ 1000 V Pollution degree 2
IEC61010-2-030, IEC61010-031, IEC61326, EN50160
IEC61000-4-30 Class S, IEC61000-4-15, IEC61000-4-7.
Dimensions/Weight 175(L) × 120(W) × 68(D) mm/approx 900g.


Kewtech KEW6315 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the KEW6315 Compact Power Quality Analyser Kit.

Download (2.23M)

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Kewtech KEW 6315 Compact Power Quality Analyser Kit
Clamp Load current clamp sensor AC 1000 A. 8124
Clamp Load current clamp sensor AC 500 A. 8125
Adaptor Flexible clamp sensor 1000 A. 8130
Adaptor Power supply adaptor. 8312
Case Magnetic carrying case. 9132

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