Fluke 61 IR Thermometer

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The Fluke 61 has a laser guided sighting system for easy targeting.

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The Fluke 61 non-contact thermometer is the ideal professional diagnostic tool for quick and accurate temperature measurements. This handheld tool is ideal for measuring surface temperatures of rotating, hard-to-reach, electricity live or dangerously hot targets like electrical motors and panels, and heating and ventilation systems.

  • Bright laser beam provides easy targeting.
  • Display clearly supplies data at a glance.
  • Shock-absorbing holster increases ruggedness.
  • 0.2 °C (0. 5 °F) resolution up to 275 °C (525 °F).
  • Backlight illuminates the screen in the dark.
  • Automatic sleep mode after 7 seconds extends battery life.
  • Alkaline batteries provide 4000 typical measurements.
Resolution 0.2 °C (0. 5 °F) resolution up to 275 °C (525 °F)
Temp Range -18 to 275 ºC (-0 to 525 ºF)
Input Type Single Laser

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Fluke 61 IR Thermometer