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Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-1 Tester
  • Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-1 Tester
  • Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-1 Tester
  • Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-1 Tester

Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-1 Tester

Kewtech Approved distributor.

Includes: Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction Tester, ACC064SP G7 Test Lead with Remote Test Button, ACC065 G7 Test Lead Set, Batteries, Instruction Manual, End of Line Calibration Certificate, KAMP 12 Mains Lead, Test Lead Pouch & Soft Carry Case.

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Proven multifunction tester specifically designed for the UK market. Combining the latest anti-trip technology with easy to use functionality. Ideal for electricians as it displays all 6 RCD test results in one screen, cost-effective tool to test to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Designed for both the experienced electrician and the Part P domestic installer alike, the KT64 is simple to navigate and configure by using a colour coded rotary dial and a set of function keys. The Kewtech KT64DL is intended for  use within the UK; when testing RCD’s using the automatic RCD test, all of the six test results are clearly shown  on a single screen which means you no longer have to navigate through multiple screens.


Anti-Trip Technology for full no trip LOOP testing on all RCD types.
Test button in probe as well as lockdown test button for ‘hands free’ testing.
Easy PFC & PSC measurement without the need to alter test probes.
250, 500 & 1000V insulation tests with auto discharge.
Additional LED for warning of high voltage output in insulation test mode.
Memory for test lead resistance compensation.
Selectable touch voltage.
Backlit display.
Auto-test memory for RCD testing with all results shown on one screen, so no scrolling.
Conducts phase to phase loop tests.
End of line calibration certificate included.
Complies with BS7671.

Learn about the tests a KT64DL MFT can carry out

Kewtech KT64DL Specifications
Open Circuit Voltage (DC)   Short Circuit Current   Range
5 V ±20% Greater than 200 mA 20/20/2000 Ω
0 - 19 Ω
0.2 - 2000 Ω
±0.1 Ω
Insulation Resistance
Open Circuit Voltage (DC)  Rated Circuit Current  Range Accuracy
250 V+40% -0% 1 mA or greater
@ 250 kΩ
20/200 MΩ
20-200 MΩ
500 V + 30% -0% 1 mA or greater
@500 kΩ
20/20/1000 MΩ
200-2000 MΩ
1000 V+20% - 0% 1mA or greater
20/200/2000 MΩ 
200-2000 MΩ
Loop Inpedance
Function Rated Voltage  Nominal Test Current 
at 0Ω External Loop:
Range Accuracy
L-PE 100-260 V
50/60 Hz
20 Ω: 6 A/20 ms
200 Ω: 2 A/20 ms
2000 Ω: 15 mA/360 ms
20/200/2000 Ω 
100-260 V
50/60 Hz
L-N: 6 A/30 ms
N-PE: 10 mA
approx. 4s
20/200/2000 Ω
L-N<20 Ω
L-N/L-L 100-500 V
50/60 Hz
20 Ω: 6 A/20 ms 20 Ω ±(3%rdg+4dgt)
PSC (L-N/L-L) / PFC (L-PE)
PSC 100-500 V
50/60 Hz
6 A/20 ms 2000 A/20 kA
PSC accuracy is derived
from measured loop impedance
 specification and measure voltage 
PFC 100-260 V
50/60 Hz
6 A/20 ms
2 A/20 ms
15 mA/360 ms
2000 A/20 kA
PFC (ATT)  100-260 V 
50/60 Hz
L-N: 6 A/30 ms
N-PE: 10 mA/approx 4s 
2000 A/20 kA
Rated Voltage Accuracy
Trip Current Trip Time
AC Type A Type
x1/2 230 V+
50/60 Hz
-8%-2% ±10% ±(1%rdg+3dgt)
x1 +2% - +8%
x5 +2% - +8%
Ramp ±4%
Auto Depending on the accuracy at each function
Measurement sequence:
x1/20°->X1/2 180°->X1 0°->X1 180°-> X5 0°-> X5 180°
Measurements with X5 aren't carried out when current is 300 mA or more.
Continuity/Insulation/Loop/PSC ranges uses the rolling average.
Protection degree IEC 60529 (1989 + A1) IP40.
EMC EN 61326.
Operating temperature 0 to +40°C.
Storage temperature -20 to +60°C.
Display Dot Matrix LCD 160(W) X 240(H) pixels.
Power Eight LR6 or R6 batteries.
Overload protection The continuity test circuit is protected by a 0.5A/600V fast acting (HRC) ceramic fuse.
Dimensions 235 X 136 X 114 mm.
Weight 1300g (including batteries).
Kewtech KT64DL warranty Two-years.


Kewtech KT64DL Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-in-1 tester.

Download (900.67k)

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Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction 6-1 Tester
Test Leads Non-fused Distribution test leads. ACC065
Switch Probe Remote Switch test probe. ACC064SP
Mains Lead Mains lead for the KT64DL. KAMP12UK

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