Megger MFT1721-BS Installation Tester


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The three-phase enabled MFT1721 has a 100 V insulation test option, a millivolt sensor input and support for testing Type B RCDs.

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As well as providing all of the facilities needed for testing low-voltage single-phase installations in line with the IET Wiring Regulations, this innovative instrument can also check phase sequence, evaluate prospective short-circuit current up to 20 kA, perform phase-to-phase loop testing at 415 V, and test three-phase RCDs even when no neutral connection is available.

Additionally, the Megger MFT1721, which is one of the new models in Megger’s popular and successful MFT1700 range, offers valuable extra features, including: true RMS voltage measurement, facilities for testing the Type B RCDs and a millivolt sensor input. It also features fast-response continuity testing at 200 mA or 15 mA and, with an optional current clamp accessory, it can be used to measure current.

Like all instruments in the new MFT1701 range, the MFT1721 provides three options for loop testing – two-wire no trip, three-wire no trip and high current – which means that the fastest and most convenient method can be used in every situation.


Three –phase installation tester.megger mft1721 rotary range switch
2 and 3-wire non-trip loop impedance testing.
Fast 2-wire high current loop test including phase to phase testing ability.
ZMAX facility.
Full range of RCD tests from 10 mA to 1000 mA.
Selective, variable, type B and 3-phase RCD (no neutral), testing.
Auto RCD and ramp test.
Insulation testing at 1 kV, 500 V, 250 V and 100 V.
Continuity and low Ws at 200 and 15 mA.
Adjustable buzzer threshold.
True RMS voltage measurement and phase rotation.

Megger MFT1721 Specification:

  • Insulation resistance test voltages: 100, 250, 500V, 1000V.
  • Test voltage display.
  • Adjustable buzzer threshold.
  • Continuity Test Current: 15 and 200 mA.
  • 2 and 3 wire non-tripping L-PE loop test.
  • 2 wire Hi current L-N 50 V - 280 V loop test.
  • 2 wire phase to phase L-L (50 V ~ 500 V).
  • PSCC and PFC (20 kA max.).
  • Max. Zs display.
  • R1 + R2 value.
  • RCD Test: 1/2, 1, 5 x I and ramp.
  • Auto RCD test.
  • Type AC, A and S RCDs.
  • Type B (pure DC) RCDs.
  • 3-phase RCD (no earth).
  • Programmable RCD.
  • 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 mA RCD.
  • Power: IEC LR6 type AA alkaline (6 cells - supplied).
  • CAT IV 300 V / CATIII 600 V.
  • Weatherproof to IP54.
  • Dimensions (with case): 150 mm H x 85 mm W x 235 mm D.
  • Weight (with case): 1 kg.
  • Megger MFT1721 Warranty: 1 year extendable to 3 years.


Includes: MFT 1721, SP5 Switched probe, full user guide on CD, Calibration certificate, Neck strap - Megger embroidered, 3 Wire lead set with prods and clips, Mains plug test lead, batteries and calibration cert.

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Megger MFT1721-BS Installation Tester