Martindale Tek500 Microwave Leakage Detector Kit

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A self test feature simulates a real microwave input, in order to ensure the unit is working correctly at all times.

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The Martindale TEK500 is a straightforward microwave leakage detector, which gives a simple LED indication as to leakage levels and is suitable for use with both commercial and domestic microwave ovens. The unit is designed to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels.

The Martindale Tek500 can test microwave ovens for potentially dangerous leaks and with the accessories supplied, can measure the output power of the microwave to ensure food is thoroughly cooked. It is ideal for cafes, restaurants, canteens and anyone involved with the safety testing and checking of microwave ovens.

The TEK500 indicates microwave power density at values of >1mW/cm2 (Yellow LED), >5mW/cm2 (Red LED) and >10mW/cm2 (Red LED). The conical form at the back of the instrument makes it easy to maintain the prescribed distance of 50mm while the instrument is moved over the exterior surfaces of the appliance under test.


Tests to BS 5175.
Indicates at 1, 5 & 10mW/cm2.
Response time 2 to 3 seconds.
Spacer 50mm including cone.
Indicators Test Position: All four LEDs should light and an audible tone will be emitted.

Martindale TEK500 Specifications:

  • Frequency of Operation: 2450 ± 25MHz.
  • Power Density Range: ±1dB for planewave of all polarisations.
  • Cardinal Points: >1mW/cm2, >5mW/cm2, >10mW/cm2.
  • Response to Step Input: 2-3 seconds to reach 90% of steady state indication.
  • Indicators: LED (green) - Battery OK, LED (yellow) - 1mW/cm2 - Acceptable microwave leakage below safety limit.
  • Cone Spacer: Prescribed test distance of 50mm is achieved when cone tip is in contact with appliance.
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C to 40°C.
  • Case: Yellow FR ABS.
  • Supply: 9V alkaline battery, PP3 / MN1604 or equivalent
  • Dimensions: 150 x 64 x 30mm
  • Weight: 170g approx
  • Martindale TEk500 warranty: 1 year.

Includes: digital thermometer, water beaker, carry case, battery & instruction manual.

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Martindale Tek500 Microwave Leakage Detector Kit