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Megger TDR1000/3P
  • Megger TDR1000/3P
  • Megger TDR1000/3P
  • Megger TDR1000/3P
  • Megger TDR1000/3P

Megger TDR1000/3P

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Hard carry case, Miniature clip test lead set and Megger TDR1000/3 User guide CD.

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This is an advanced instrument capable of identifying a wide range of cable faults. The Megger TDR1000/3 uses a technique called Pulse Echo (also known as Time Domain Reflectometry or TDR). A pulse is launched into a cable from one end. This can be on either a pair of conductors, or a conductor and the screen. The cable’s construction will determine its characteristic impedance and the velocity a pulse travels down the cable.

The pulse velocity is normally described as a fraction of the speed of light and is called the Velocity Factor. By measuring the time between the transmitted pulse and the reception of the reflected pulse, and multiplying this by the speed of light and the velocity factor, the actual distance to the reflection point can be established.

The Megger TDR1000/3 can be used on any cable consisting of at least two separate conductive elements, one of which may be the armouring or screen of the cable. It has internal matching networks to allow testing of 25Ω, 50Ω, 75Ω and 100Ω cables. (These typically correspond to power, coaxial data and data/telecoms cable).

The TDR 1000/3 has a minimum resolution of 0.1 m and a 5 km maximum range depending on velocity factor selected and cable type. Four output impedances are available (25, 50, 75, and 100 Ω) and a velocity factor between 0.2 and 0.99 will meet any cable test requirements.


Simple operation.
AUTO set up for instant use.
Ultra fast pulse for near end fault identification.
Trace HOLD feature to allow comparison between cables.
IP54 rating offers real life working.
Designed for use on all metallic cable pairs.

Megger TDR1000/3 Demonstration Video

Megger TDR1000/3P Specifications
Ranges 10 m, 25 m, 100 m, 250 m, 1000 m, 2500 m, 5000 m (30 ft, 75 ft, 300 ft, 750 ft, 3000 ft, 7500 ft, 15000 ft).
Accuracy ±1% of range ± pixel at 0.67 VF
[Note- The measurement accuracy is for the indicated cursor position only and is conditional on the velocity factor being correct.]
Resolution 1% of range.
Refresh Rate Trace updates 3 times per second.
Input Protection This instrument complies with IEC61010-1 for connection to live systems up to 150 V CAT IV when used with the optional fused test lead set.
Output Pulse 5 volts peak to peak into open circuit. Pulse widths determined by range and cable.
Gain Set for each range with three user selectable steps (in Manual operating mode).
Velocity Factor Variable from 0.2 to 0.99 in steps of 0.01.
Tx Null Automatic.
Power Down Automatic after 5 minutes with no key press.
Backlight Stays on for 1 minute with no key press.
Batteries Five LR6 (AA) type batteries, Manganese alkali or nickel metal-hydride cells.
Battery Life Up to 14 hours (Typical).
Mechanical The instrument is designed for use indoors or outdoors and is rated to IP54.
Case Dimensions 230 mm (9 in) x 115 mm (4.5 inches) x 48 mm (2 inches).
Instrument Weight 0.6 kg (1.32 lbs).
Case Material ABS.
Connectors Two 4 mm-safety terminals.
Test Leads 0.5 metres long fitted with 500 mA FF HBC 1 kV 50 kA Fuse.
Display 256 x 128 pixel Graphics LCD.
Operating Temperature -15 ºC to +50 ºC (5 ºF to 122 ºF).
Storage Temperature -20 ºC to 70 ºC (-4 ºF to 158 ºF.
Safety When using the optional fused test lead set this instrument complies with IEC61010-1 for connection to live systems with less than 300 V between the terminals and up to 150 V CAT IV to earth.
EMC Complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility Specifications (Light industrial) BS EN 61326-1, with a minimum performance of ‘B’ for all immunity tests.
Megger TDR1000/3 warranty Two-years.


Megger TDR1000/3P Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger TDR1000/3P Hand-held Time Domain Reflectometer.

Download (173.21k)

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Megger TDR1000/3P
Clip Leads Miniature clip test lead set (1 pair). 6231-652
Fused Lead Set Fused test lead set Red/Black (1 pair). FF500mA. 1002-015

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