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Biotest VX0003 LF Electric Field Tester
  • Biotest VX0003 LF Electric Field Tester
  • Biotest VX0003 LF Electric Field Tester
  • Biotest VX0003 LF Electric Field Tester

Biotest VX0003 LF Electric Field Tester

metrix approved distributor

Includes: Biotest VX0003, 5 m earth cable (HX0103), socket tester, belt bag (HX0104).

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The Metrix Biotest VX0003 electric field tester instantly indicates the level of electromagnetic pollution. Ideal for the housing and tertiary sectors, they are designed for both professional and private use.

Simple, economical, IP65, reliable and metrologically calibrated, the VX0003 is suitable for both the housing and tertiary sectors. It is ideal for professional and private use. Its display comprises 2 scales made up of LEDs.

It is equipped with an internal antenna offering 2 complementary measurement methods: Representative method: field measurement while taking the user's presence into account, Traditional method: fields referenced to earth.

The VX0003 performs the test in accordance with the current and future standards and directives(including 1999/519/CE, 2004/40/CE, etc.). Its 10 Hz to 3 kHz measurement range means it can be used to test the pollution generated by the electrical power distribution network (0-3 kHz).


Hand-held and designed for stand-alone use (60 to 80 hours).
Perfect for testing electromagnetic pollution in the home and in the office.
Top-quality manufacture, professional instruments with 2-year warranty.
Audio signal for immediate identifi cation of field levels.
Detailed manual for measurement, diagnostics and corrective solutions.
Delivered with socket tester (phase position and presence of earth).

Metrix Biotest VX0003 & VX0100 Specifications
Model VX 0003 VX 0100
Display and Buzzer
Display Type Dual LED 2000 count backlit LCD.
Direct Display in Volt/m (Compatible with Standards)
Buzzer Proportional to the Level of the Field E
Indication of Measurement Frequency Range -
Low Battery and Hold Indicators
Start/Stop (with automatic stop 30mn)
Measurement Hold Function
Buzzer Start/Stop
Selection of Measurement Range Manual Automatic.
Selection of 3kHz Filter (<, >, Full Band) -
Antenna and Reference
Antenna Type Built-in field antenna (inside casing) Removable 62 mm field antenna.
Cable Detection Function -
Field Measurement Referenced to Individual
Field Measurement Referenced to Earth
+Rod -
RMS Electric Field Intensity in V/m
Sensitivity Ranges 5 to 100 V/m
100 to 2000 V/m
1.0 to 200.0 V/m
100 to 2000 V/m.
Accuracy (in Laboratory Conditions) ±10% on LED thresholds ±3% ± 5D at 50/60 Hz.
Analysis of Electrical Distribution, 10Hz to 3kHz
Analysis of Equipment Connected to Mains 10 Hz to 3 kHz 5 Hz to 3 kHz (3 kHz low-pass filter)
3 kHz to 100 kHz (3 kHZ high-pass filter)
5 Hz to 100 kHz (3 kHz without filter).
General Specifications
Power 9V battery (included)
Battery life of 80 hours
Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes.
Safety/Protection Single earth terminal
Protected reference contact
Reversed (M/F) antenna and earth terminals
Protected reference contact.
Metrology Metrological monitoring available via the Chauvin Arnoux/AEMC network.
IP Rating IP65.
Dimensions 63.6 x 163 x 40 mm.
Weight Approx 200g (with battery).
VX 0003 Warranty 2 years.


Metrix VX0003 + VX0100 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Metrix Biotest VX 0003 & VX 0100 LF Electric Field Testers.

Download (1.11M)

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Biotest VX0003 LF Electric Field Tester

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