Megger LTW315 Loop Tester


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The Megger LTW315 two wire earth loop tester verifies the loop impedance of a live electrical circuit, ie without the need to disconnect the electrical supply.

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The Megger LTW315 is a non trip and high current loop tester designed for the domestic market. The LTW315 offers a 2 wire loop testing solution that does not trip 30mA RCDs and can be used on a wide range of voltages.Megger LTW315 loop tester

When carrying out no-trip testing procedures the Megger LTW315 constantly evaluates the level of noise detected on circuitry to ensure that the accuracy of results is not modified by the presence of electrical noise

Featuring an auto start operation, and capable of 110V centre tapped loop testing, making this great value for money. The thick rubber casing protects from damage and the clear LCD display makes it easy to read.


2 Wire Non-tripping loop tester.
50 V to 440 V operation.
110 V centre-tap loop testing.
CATIV installation testing.
AUTO start - operation.
0.01 Ω resolution.

Megger LTW315 Specifications:

  • 100 V to 280 V operation.
  • CATIV installation testing.
  • AUTO start - operation.
  • 0.01 Ω resolution.
  • Guaranteed not to trip working RCDs of up to 30mA.
  • Three phase circuits with RCD protection can also be tested.
  • Test runs for approx. 10 secs.
  • High current test used for supplies with no RCD.
  • Enables testing on 110V centre tapped supplies.
  • Dimensions: 203 x 148 x 78mm.
  • Weight: 1000g ±10% excluding test leads.
  • Megger LTW 315 Warranty: 3 years.


Includes: Megger LTW315 Loop Impedance Tester, Robust fitted carry case, Shoulder Strap, Mains Test Lead, Red/Green Test Lead Set, Calibration Certificate and Product documents CD.

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Megger LTW315 Loop Tester