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Megger LTW315 Loop Tester
  • Megger LTW315 Loop Tester

Megger LTW315 Loop Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Megger LTW315 Loop Impedance Tester, Robust fitted carry case, Shoulder Strap, Mains Test Lead, Red/Green Test Lead Set, Calibration Certificate and Product documents CD.

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The Megger LTW315 is a non trip and high current loop tester designed for the domestic market. The LTW315 offers a 2 wire loop testing solution that does not trip 30mA RCDs and can be used on a wide range of voltages.Megger LTW315 loop tester

When carrying out no-trip testing procedures the Megger LTW315 constantly evaluates the level of noise detected on circuitry to ensure that the accuracy of results is not modified by the presence of electrical noise

Featuring an auto start operation, and capable of 110V centre tapped loop testing, making this great value for money. The thick rubber casing protects from damage and the clear LCD display makes it easy to read.


2 Wire Non-tripping loop tester.
50 V to 440 V operation.
110 V centre-tap loop testing.
CATIV installation testing.
AUTO start - operation.
0.01 Ω resolution.

Megger LTW Summary Chart
Function LTW315 LTW325 LTW335 LTW425
2-Wire Non Tripping Loop Testing
2-Wire Fast Test (High Current)
110V to 280V Applications
50V to 440V Applications -
Phase to Phase Testing -
20KA PFC Range
40KA PFC Range - - -
0.01Ω Resolution
0.001Ω Resolution - - -
AUTO Noise Detection
AUTO Start Loop Test
Voltage Measurements
Frequency Measurements
Max Zs Display -
R2+R2 Display -
Backlit Display (White Light)
Built-In Front Cover (Foldaway)
IP54 Weatherproof Case
Accepts Rechargeable Batteries
Test Result Storage - - -
Downloading Test results - - -
Test Lead Set with Crocs
Mains Socket Test Lead
Full Calibration Certificate

Megger LTW315 Specifications
All accuracy statements are based on:
Ambient Temperature 23° ±2°C.
Nominal Voltage Source 230 V a.c ±1%.
Voltage Measurements
(ac only) 50 V to 440 V.
Accuracy ±2% ±1 V.
Frequency Measurements
Range 25 Hz to 99.99 Hz.
Accuracy ±0.1 Hz.
A warning will be shown if applied voltage exceeds 440 V.
Damage will occur if applied voltage exceeds 600 V rms.
Loop Testing Accuracy
±5% ±0.03 Ω @230 V a.c.
±10% ±0.03 Ω @100 V a.c and 280V.
No Trip Loop and High Current Loop Test
Source Voltage 100 V to 280 V (49 Hz to 50.1 Hz).
Display Range 0.01 to 2000 Ω.
Accuracy ±5% ± 0.03 Ω.
No Trip Loop Test Nominal Current 15 ma (at nominal 230 V a.c supply).
High Current Loop Test 4 A (at nominal 230 V a.c supply).
Operational Range 0.30 to 1000 Ω.
Prospective Fault Current (PFC)
Prospective Fault Current =Measured Source Voltage/Loop Resistance.
Maximum Range No Trip Mode: 20 KA.
Accuracy is derived from loop test and voltage measurement.

IEC 61010
Designed to IEC61010-1
Designed for 300 volts to Earth Category IV
with phase to phase voltages to 440V.
Fuse protected to 600 volts rms AC.


Complies with the following parts of EN61577:
Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Systems up to
1000V ac and 1500V dc - Equipment for testing,
measuring or monitoring of protective measures:
Part 1: General Requirements.
Part 3 - Loop Resistance

E.M.C In accordance with IEC61326-1.
Power Supply
Battery 8 x 1.5V Cells IEC LR6 Type (AA Alkaline).
Rechargeable 8 x 1.2V NiCd or NIMH Cells.
Battery Life 2000 consecutive tests.
Weight 1000g ±10% excluding test leads.
Dimensions 203 x 148 x 78 mm.


Megger LTW300 Series

PDF Specifications of the Megger LTW315, LTW325, LTW335 & the LTW425 Non-tripping Loop Testers.

Download (245.64k)

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Megger LTW315 Loop Tester
Lead Set 2 wire leadset with croc clips. 1001-976
LTW Case Blow Moulded Case. 1007-167

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