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Kewtech KTD40 Digital Loop Tester with ATT

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Includes: Kewtech KTD40 Digital Loop/PSC Tester, Certificate of Conformity.

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The Kewtech KTD40 will test for No-trip loop, High current True Loop Impedance, No-trip PFC/PSC (Prospective Fault Current), High current PSC using True Loop Impedance, mains voltage (L-N, L-E and N-E) and correct socket wiring, in addition to the incoming supply polarity check.

Another unique feature of the KTD40 tester is the high current 2-wire measurement of the TLI (True Loop Impedance). Regulations and guidance books refer to loop impedance measurements but up until now loop testers measured loop resistance which is different from loop impedance, particularly when testing close to the main supply transformer.

The KTD40 also has a No-trip test mode that is guaranteed not to trip a 30mA or higher rated RCD providing that the circuit is otherwise healthy.


Low current – non trip – and high current loop impedance (Patented).
High current test reads true loop impedance (including the supply transformer's reactance).
Full socket tester functionality built in.
Unique mains supply polarity test (checks that line and neutral are not switched at the supply).
Instant readout of PFC/PSC by means of a secondary button.
Voltage test function L-N, L-E & N-E.
Fully protected against accidental phase to phase connection.

Kewtech KTD40 Specifications
Wiring Test
Detects Detects missing E or N (>15 kΩ)
Detects L-E or L-N swap
Detects Live – Earth/Neutral reversal by use of Polarity Test Pad.
Phase - Neutral Voltage Measurement ± 1% ± 1 V.
Phase - Earth Voltage Measurement ± 1% ± 1 V.
Neutral - Earth Voltage Measurement ± 1% ± 1 V.
No Trip Mode 3 Wire Testing Phase - Neutral - Earth all connected.
Test Current <15 mA at 253 V AC.
Range and Accuracy 0.00 to 9.99 Ω / ± 5% ± 5 digits
10.00 to 99.9 Ω / ± 3% ± 3 digits
100.00 to 500 Ω / ± 3% ± 3 digits.
High Current Mode 2 Wire Testing Phase-neutral or phase-earth connected using true impedance measurement - auto test (hands free is selectable).
Range and Accuracy 0.00 to 9.99 Ω / ± 3% ± 3 digits.
PFC/PSC Measurements 10A – 19.9 kA.
General Specifications
Overvoltage Protection 440 V AC.
Power 4 x AA batteries.
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40° C.
Storage Temperature Range -10 to 60° C.
Operating Humidity 93% RH @ 40° C.
Size 157 x 89 x 39 mm.
Weight 400 g.
Kewtech KTD40 warranty 2 years.


Kewtech KTD40 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Kewtech KTD40 Digital Loop Tester.

Download (288.62k)

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Kewtech KTD40 Digital Loop Tester with ATT

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