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Metrohm LLT13.8kV
  • Metrohm LLT13.8kV
  • Metrohm LLT13.8kV
  • Metrohm LLT13.8kV

Metrohm 13.8kV Live Line Tester - LLT13.8kV

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Kit Includes: 1 x 13.8kV Live Line tester, 1 x phasing rod, 2 x std. bent end adaptors, 2 x extension rods, 2 x head line adaptors, Proving unit, all leads, cleaning kit & operating instructions in a rigid carry/storage case.

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Individual kits are available for system voltages of 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kv, 13.8kV and 33kV (50/60Hz).

The Live Line Tester Kits (LLT) have been specifically designed to perform measurements for both live voltage testing and phasing on overhead lines, in substations and within switchgear compartments.

The kit includes all necessary components to effectively carry out these tests. All components are housed within a heavy duty carry case with secure compartments. Made from high quality fibreglass rods and polycarbonate mouldings the equipment is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – including wet conditions.

Designed to comply with the requirements of IEC1243 part 2, the LLT 13.8kV uses long established techniques for high voltage measurement. All readings are displayed on an analogue meter – the housing of which can be rotated through 240 degrees to ensure a perfect viewing position.

A battery operated proving unit allows the equipment to be tested before and after measurements have been made and can also be used to check full scale deflection on the meter. Adaptors are available to allow Bowthorpe Rods to be connected for testing of raised conductors and a Repeater Station can be supplied to replicate meter readings at ground level. Space is reserved in the carry case for such accessories.


Only personnel who are fully trained in the use of Live Line Testers should use this equipment.
Ensure the tester and accessories are clean, free from cracks or deep scores, and are properly secured together.
Make certain that the Tester is properly rated for the voltage of the system under test.
Test the operation of the assembled Tester complete with accessories before and after each test.
Do not allow a live high voltage conductor to come in contact with the detector at point below the limit mark.
The Tester must never be used without a handle or without insulating rods incorporating a handle.
Safe working distances must always be observed.
Always connect the earth lead clip to a secure earthing point before performing a test.


Self powered operation.
Designed for indoor & outdoor use.
Positive phasing test.
High voltage measurement.
High quality fibreglass rod.
Proving & repeater units.
Designed to comply with the requirements of IEC1243 part 2.
High immunity to interference fields.

Metrohm LLT13.8kV Specifications
13.8 kV Tester
Resistor Chain 100 MΩ.
Measuring Range 20 kV.
Accuracy ±5% FSD.
Length 1025 mm.
Weight 1.4 kg.
Phasing Rod
Length 1025 mm.
Weight 1.4 kg.
Extension Rod
Length 907 mm.
Weight 0.65 kg.
Proving Unit
Voltage output 3 to 5 kV.
Dimensions 185 x 145 x 120 mm.
Repeater Station Used in conjunction with the tester/Ph rod
Dimensions 185 x 145 x 120 mm.
Bent End Adaptor
Length 675 mm.
Weight 0.27 kg.
Overhead Line Adaptors
Height 100 mm.
Weight 0.08 kg.
Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor
Length 360 mm.
Weight 0.62 kg.
Connection Cable 12 m.
LLT13.8kV warranty One-year.


Metrohm LLT Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Metrohm LLT-3.3KV, LLT-6.6KV, LLT11KV, LLT13.8KV & the LLT33KV Live Line Testers.

Download (646.51k)

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Metrohm 13.8kV Live Line Tester - LLT13.8kV
3.3kV Repeater Unit Used in conjunction with the Tester / Ph Rod. LLT-F0R05A/2
Ext. Rod 3.3 - 13.8kV extension rod. DFH5002
Proving Unit Proving unit (voltage Output 3 to 5kV). LLT-F0P01B/2
Bent End Bent End Adaptor. DFH5028
Adapt. O/Head Line Adaptor. DFK5000
Rod Adapt. Bowthorpe rod adaptor. DFK0112
Case 3.3 - 13.8kV carry case. CMP5009
Satchel 3.3 - 33kV carry satchel. CMP5023
Cleaning Kit LLT cleaning kit. DDM5003

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