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GMI PS500 Gas Detector
  • GMI PS500 Gas Detector
  • GMI PS500 Gas Detector

GMI PS500 Gas Detector

GMI Approved distributor

lead time Lead Time Approx. 7-14 Days.

Includes: Harness, 4mm Hex Driver, User Handbook, 1.5m Clear Sample Line, Carrying Case, Standard Probe, Probe Handle Assembly, Sample Line Adaptor, 2 Packs of Cotton Filters.

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NB. The price shown is for a PS500 gas detector with a Drycell Battery + Pump + Datalogging. Selected gas sensor options are available in the dropdown. There are over 15 plug-and-play smart sensors to choose from. For full options and prices please call your local Cuthbertson Laird Group office.

The GMI PS500 is used for confined space applications, for example, in sewers, underground piping or within tanks and other personal monitoring applications.Its high intensity audible and bright visual alarms provide early warning of dangerous gas levels. The instrument is operated by two buttons providing the user with a simple to use gas detector.

The PS500 can be tailored to detect up to five gases with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionisation detectors and infrared capabilities. ‘Plug and Play’ option allows the customer to ‘plug in’ a new board with a different gas range.

With an expansive list of gases that can be detected for fast response times, a high level of accuracy and audible and visual alarms; the PS500 provides unrivalled protection against the potential exposure to flammable and toxic gases, along with threats of oxygen enrichment or deficiency.

The PS500 is particularly useful in noisy environments, featuring a very loud (95dBA) penetrating and distinctive audible alarm together with high visibility large area visual alarm. Pump, diffusion or both together, allowing pumped sample for pre-entry checking and diffusion in confined space working, thus maximising battery life. A robust, moulded, rubberised casing guaranteeing Hi-Impact resistance, the PS500 can be used in the most demanding environments.


Over 15 plug-and-play smart sensors to choose from.
Wide range of VOC’s with 2 different PID sensors.
Flexible configuration to suit your specification.
Piercing 95 dB audible plus 360-degree high visibility light bar.
On-board datalogging for calibration certificates, data management and event logging.
High impact rubberised case.
Low cost of ownership.

Up to five gases can be monitored from the following list:

0 to 100% LEL Hydrocarbons.
0 to 25% Oxygen (O2).
0 to 100 ppm Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S).
0 to 1000 ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO).
Dual Sensor - Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) / Carbon Monoxide (CO).
0 to 30 ppm Sulphur Dioxide (SO2).
0 to 100 ppm Sulphur Dioxide (SO2).
0 to 10 ppm Chlorine (Cl2).
0 to 20 ppm Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).
0 to 100 ppm Ammonia (NH3).
0 to 300 ppm Nitric Oxide (NO).
0 to 5% Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
0 to 100 ppm Phosphine* (PH3).
0 to 20 ppm Benzene* (C6H6).
Volatile Organic Compounds* (VOC).
» Range = 0 to 100 ppm or 0 to 1000 ppm.
» Resolution = 0.1 ppm or 1 ppm.

Note*: The Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) type sensor is used for detection of PH3, C6H6 and VOC gases.

LEL 0 - 100% LEL
0 - 100% LEL
1% LEL
1% LEL
15 sec
35 sec
0 - 2.50%
2.50 - 5.00%
NDIR 25 sec
O2 0 - 25% 0.1% Electrochemical 10 sec
CO 0 - 1000PPM
Electrochemical 35 sec
0-100ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 25 sec
1ppm Electrochemical
35 sec
25 sec
0 - 30PPM
0 - 100PPM
1ppm Electrochemical 10 sec
0 - 10PPM 0.1PPM Electrochemical 30 sec
0 - 100ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 60 sec
NO 0 - 1000ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 30 sec
NO2 0 - 20ppm 1ppm Electrochemical 185 sec
0 - 100ppm 1ppm PID 5 sec
0 - 100PPM
0 - 1000PPM
PID 5 sec
0 - 20ppm 0.1ppm PID 5 sec

GMI PS500 Specifications
Display LCD with automatic backlighting.
Humidity 0 - 98% non-condensing.
Temperature limits
-20oC to +50oC.
Alarms Visual 360º full light bar, piercing 95dB audible, 4 gas alarms per gas user, programmable TWA/STEL alarms visual and audible, Low flow visual and audible, Low battery alarm, Up to 4 alarms per toxic gas, user programmable, 3 alarms for 02, 2 alarms for LEL.
Sampling Maximum tubing length - 30 m / 98 ft. (Response times increase by approx. 1 second for every metre / 3 ft. of tubing used.
Battery NiMH rechargeable battery - 12 hr. minimum with pump
Alkaline battery pack (3 AA) - 12 hr. minimum with pump.
Construction High impact rubberised polycarbonate case.
Rating IP65 (Dust tight and water resistant).
Approvals * UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups A,B,C,D MED (0038/YY) - Module B & E, CE 0518 ATEX II 2 G EEx iad IIC T3/T4.
* Excludes NDIR sensor option.
Dimensions 140 x 85 x 45 mm.
Weight 0.4 kg.
GMI PS500 warranty: Two years.


GMI PS500 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the GMI PS500 Portable Gas Monitor.

Download (2.85M)

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GMI PS500 Gas Detector
Aspirator Hand Aspirator (can be used for non-reactive gases only). 66123
Aspirator Hand Aspirator c/w 3m sample line. 66478
Tubing 3m Tygon Tubing c/w sample connector. 66136
Harness Neck and chest harness with clip. 66546
Probe Probe assembly. 66017
Case Carrying case. 66349
Float Ball float. 66545
Tubing Kit Reactive gas tubing kit 3m. 66930
Charger Charger (universal plug). 66140

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