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Thurlby Thandar LCR400 Precision LCR Meter
  • Thurlby Thandar LCR400 Precision LCR Meter
  • TTI LCR400
  • TTi LCR400 Precision LCR Meter

Thurlby Thandar LCR400 Precision LCR Meter

Includes: TTi LCR400.

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The LCR400 is a low-cost precision LCR bridge intended for use within component inspection, laboratories and production facilities. The basic measurement accuracy is 0.1% and the maximum measurement frequency is 10kHz.

As well as remembering the last used set-up, the LCR400 incorporates non-volatile memory for up to nine complete instrument set-ups for rapid recall.


0.1% basic measurement accuracy.
Dual 5 digit high brightness displays.
Automatic component recognition.
Built-in 4 terminal component fixture.
Limits comparator with 8 Pass bins plus 2 Fail bins.
Three test frequencies, switchable bias.

Thurlby Thandar LCR400 Precision LCR Meter Specifications
Measurement Functions
Parameters Measured R, L, C, D, & Q.
Parameter Selection Manual or automatic selection of R, L or C.
Measurement Modes Series or parallel equivalent circuit.
Range Hold Prevents auto-ranging when changing components.
Zero Function Nulls out up to 100pF at test fixture.
Measurement Freq Selectable as 100Hz/120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz.
Displayed Functions R+Q, L+Q, C+D, C+R.
Measuring Ranges
Resistance 0.1m to 990M
Inductance 0.001µH to 9900H
Capacitance 0.001pF to 99000µF
D 0.001 to 999
Q 0.001 to 999
Accuracy Limits 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz
R 0.1% ± 1 digit 2-1MΩ 2-500kΩ 2-50k
0.5% ± 1 digit 0.4-5MΩ 0.4-2MΩ 0.4-200k
2% 1 digit 0.1-20MΩ 0.1-10MΩ 0.1-500k
L 0.1% ± 1 digit 4mH-500H 0.4mH-50H 40µH-5H
0.5% ± 1 digit 0.8mH-2500H 80µH-250H 8µH-25H
2% ± 1 digit 0.2mH-9900H 20µH-1000H 2µH-100H
C 0.1% ± 1 digit 10nF-1000µF 1nF-100µF 100pF-10µF
0.5% ± 1 digit 2nF-5000µF 200pF-500µF 20pF-50µF
2% ± 1 digit 500pF-20000µF 50pF-2000µF 5pF-200µF
Notes: (R accuracies apply for Q<0.1. L accuracies apply for Q>10.
C accuracies apply for D<0.1 and after Null).
Limits Comparator
Limits Set-up Multiple Upper and Lower limits can be set from keyboard or from RS-232 interface.
Binning Up to 8 Pass bins can be defined plus Fail on minor parameter and general Fail.
Component Connection
Component Connection 4-terminal connection via internal fixture for both radial and axial components. External 4-terminal connection via adaptor.
Internal Fixture Sprung jaws for vertical lead insertion. Plug-in sliding pillars for horizontal lead insertion.
Bias Voltage Switchable 2V polarising voltage. External bias up to 50V can be applied.
Protection Can withstand charged capacitors up to 50V and up to 1 Joule of total energy.
Display Type Dual 5-digit 0.56” LEDs.
Annunciators LED annunciators for all functions and measurement units.
Displayed Functions R+Q, L+Q, C+D, C+R, PASS/FAIL, Bin No.
Digital Interface
Interface Type RS-232 via 9 pin D connector, 9600 baud.
Interface Function Full command and read-back capability.
General Specifications
Keyboard Full numeric keyboard.
Non-volatile memory Up to 9 complete set-ups.
Input Voltage 230V or 115V ±14%, 50/60Hz, internally adjustable, 25VA max. Installation Category ll.
Temperature Range +5°C to 40°C operating 20 - 80% RH.
-40°C to 70°C storage.
Safety Complies with EN61010-1.
EMC Complies with EN61326.
Size 360 x 240 x 95 mm including feet.
Weight 2.9kg.


TTI LCR400 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Thurlby Thandar LCR400 Precision LCR Meter.

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Thurlby Thandar LCR400 Precision LCR Meter