Megger IDAX 350 Insulation Diagnostic Analyser


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The IDAX350 provides an accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulation in transformers, bushings, generators and cables.

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The Megger IDAX350 provides an accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulation in transformers, bushings, generators and cables. The IDAX system maximises the outcome of maintenance activities allowing for load and service life optimisation. Housed in a robust enclosure with a convenient carrying handle, the IDAX 350 is an ideal one-box solution for on-site applications.

The IDAX350 is smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessor, the IDAX206. It maintains better accuracy and ability to provide reliable data using true AC DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy), for reliable test results in high interference environments. The state-of-the-art software makes testing both easier and faster, allowing transformer moisture and oil assessment in about 22 minutes (20°C).

The IDAX measures the capacitance and tan delta/power factor of the insulation between power transformer windings at multiple frequencies. Analysing the results using modeling technique makes it possible to assess the moisture level in the solid insulation, oil conductivity/tan delta at reference temperature (25°C) and power frequency tan delta at reference temperature (20°C). The test can be performed at any temperature as the temperature dependence of the dissipation factor is included in the modeling.

  • Multi-function test set for transformer measurements.
  • Power frequency capacitance measurements.
  • Power frequency tan delta/power factor measurements.
  • Hot collar testing.
  • Tip-up/step voltage testing.
  • DC insulation testing (Insulation Resistance, Polarisation Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio).
  • Excitation current measurements.
  • Individual temperature correction of tan delta/power factor and oil conductivity.
  • 40% faster measurements with the new IDAX 5.0 SW.
  • Reliable measurements in high-interference environments.
  • Mains voltage: 100 – 240V ±10%, 50/60 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 250 VA (max).
  • Maximum test voltage for IDAX: 200 V (DC/peak AC).
  • Inputs: Channel 1, channel 2, ground.
  • Capacitance range: 10 pF – 100 μF.
  • Dissipation factor range: 0 - 10 (with retained accuracy of capacitance; otherwise higher).
  • CE-marking: EMC 2004/108/EC, LVD 2006/95/EC.
  • PC Requirements: Windows 2000/ XP / Vista / 7 / 8.
  • Dimensions: 520 x 430 x 220 mm (20.5” x 17” x 8.7”).
  • Instrument Weight: 13.5 kg (29.8 lbs).
  • Megger IDAX 350 Warranty: 1 year.

Includes: Mains cable, Ground cable 5 m (16 ft), Generator cable 18 m (60 ft), Measurement cable, red 18 m (60 ft), Measurement cable, blue 18 m (60 ft), USB cable, Windows software, Transport case.

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Megger IDAX 350 Insulation Diagnostic Analyser