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Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection System
  • Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection System
  • Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection System
  • Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection System
  • Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection System

Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection Camera

Wohler Approved distributor

lead time  Lead Time Approx. 7-10 Days.

Includes: Wohler VIS 200 Service Camera, Wöhler colour camera head Ø 26 mm V2, Wöhler TFT monitor 7" with 2 m cable, 20 m push rod Ø 6 mm, digital meter counter, 1 anti-slide-mat, 1 NiMH-battery and charger, plastic case.

£2062.8 Inc. VAT

Please Note: The Wöhler VIS 200 is not a stock item. Delivery will be approx. 7 - 10 days.

The Wohler VIS 200 camera is designed to visually inspect and document the condition of pipes and shafts, for example in flue gas systems, ventilation systems as well as for inspecting underground pipes etc.

The Wöhler VIS 200 does not have any menus. Nevertheless you can select the units in meters or feet. The distance indicated at the lower left of the screen shows how many meters/feet of the rod are already pulled out of the case.


Damage analysis and inspection of:

Waste water pipes of Ø 40 mm and larger.
Ventilation lines of Ø 40 mm and larger.
Inspect hollow spaces; e.g. in front-wall installations.
Flue gas lines up to approx. Ø 125 mm.


Powerful TFT colour monitor for brilliant images.
Light-sensitive camera head.
Operating time: 2 x 120 min - with 2 rechargeable batteries (optional).
Waterproof - According to IP 68.
Transmitter integrated in camera.
Electronic metering.

Inspection System Comparison Chart
  Wöhler VIS 200 Wöhler VIS 250
Colour camera head Ø 26 mm
Electronic metering
Transmitter integrated in camera head 
Video settings  
Photo & Video Recording  
Position indicator  
Forward/rewind videos  
Illumination system, dimmable  
Wohler VIS 200 Specifications
Housing dimensions 176 x 114 x 32 mm.
TFT-display 7" / 16:9 format.
Video out RCA signal.
Weight 400 g.
Power supply Space for 2 rechargeable batteries, each 12 V or via power pack.
Battery operating time Max 2 rechargeable batteries, each 120 mins = 4 h (battery status in display).
Miniature Camera Head, Colour Ø 26 mm
Type 1/3" colour CMOS
Resolution 420 lines.
Pixels 768 x 576 (PAL), 656 x 492 (NTSC).
Light sensitivity 0.5 LUX.
Lens f = 2 3 mm, F = 2 5.
Viewing angle 115°.
Light source 12 white LEDs.
Protection Waterproof to IP 68.
Operation temperature 0 - 40 °C, RH 95 % Max.
Storage temperature -20 - 50 °C, RH 95 % Max.
Transmitter frequency 8.9 kHz.
Dimensions Ø 26 mm x 38 mm.
Weight 240 g.
Distance Measurement
Wöhler VIS 250 Electronic meter counter.
Recording 2 GB SD card (2.5 hr recording capacity).
Interface Mini USB port.
Locator Sender
Transmitter frequency 8.9 kHz.
Locator Receiver
Display Graphic visualisation of transmitted position.
Output impedance - headphones 32 Ohm.
Power supply 3.7 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
Operating temperature 0 - 40 °C.
Storage temperature -10 °C - 40 °C.
Dimensions 32 x 14 x 7 cm (L x W x H).
Weight 605 g.

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Wohler VIS 200 Visual Inspection Camera

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