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The flagship product in the HAL series, the Clare HAL 104 is designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of production line testing and features.

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The Clare HAL 104 comprehensive safety tester offers outstanding levels of flexibility and functionality to dramatically improve the quality and productivity of production line safety testing.

Tests can be started and stopped at the push of a button or choose from a variety of pre-selected automated configurations, including remote PC's, PLC's or interlocks. The internal memory stores up to 6000 test results and can be interfaced with various accessories. Tests: Earth bond, AC flash (hipot), DC flash (hipot), DC insulation resistance, ARC detection, Leakage, Load power, and Power factor. The HAL 104 can communicate with a PLC (programmable logic controller) to aid automated test processes, including remote start / stop and pass / fail outputs.

Clare HAL 104 with Safety e-Base Pro (optional accessory) gives you total confidence that production line testing is being carried out to the correct requirements as efficiently as possible with the operator's safety in mind. This out-of-the-box solution gives you all the benefits of a test system and is customizable to your specific requirements.

  • Multi-voltage tester.
  • Highly accurate Ground Bond, Hipot leakage and DC IR measurements.
  • Earth/Ground Bond Test: Test Voltage - 6V AC Nominal.
  • Insulation Resistance Test: DC Output Voltage - 0.10kV – 6.00kV (10V/step manual), (50V/step auto).
  • AC Dielectric Strength Test: rogrammable Voltage Range - 0.10kV – 5.00kV (10V/step manual), (50V/step auto).
  • DC Dielectric Strength Test: Programmable Voltage Range - 0.10kV – 6.00kV (10V/step manual), (50V/step auto).
  • Power Output Rating: Test Voltage: 110V – 230V AC (Mains Supply), 80V – 300V (Via Auxillary Input), 20A nominal (Vin-Vout).
  • Output Power Measurement: Single Phase Power Measurement Display Range - 0.02kVA – 5.000kVA.
  • Stores up to 6000 results including details of Products, user, location, site, date and time in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Highly accurate leakage and DC IR measurements.
  • 4 wire Ground Bond test measurements.
  • Usable with the Clare No – Burn Ground Bond probe.
  • Large Full graphics display, Real-time clock.
  • Connects to PC, Barcode reader and printer.
  • Compatible with Seaward PATguard and other leading software packages.
  • Software adjusts the user interface to differing levels of expertise.
  • Auto test code generation.
  • Uses full Barcode reading for simple & easy tests initiation.
  • Fast Start-up.
  • Fully isolated test outputs, to comply with EN50191.
  • Operating Voltage: Selectable 115V or 230V AC RMS 50Hz / 60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 370mm.
  • Weight: Approx 15kg.
  • Clare HAL104 warranty: 1 year.


Includes: Power cord, guard plug, test probe and clips, comms cable and HAL104 user manual.


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Clare HAL104 Advanced Multi-Function Safety Tester