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Chauvin CA1510 Indoor Air Quality Logger
  • Chauvin CA1510 Indoor Air Quality Logger
  • Chauvin CA 1510
  • Chauvin CA1510
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Chauvin CA1510 Indoor Air Quality Logger

chauvin arnoux authorised distributor.

Includes: Small-format metal case (charcoal version only), 2 x LR6 batteries, USB mains adapter, USB-micro USB cable 1.80 m long, Quick start-up guide, Mini-CD containing the Data Logger Transfer software and the user’s guides (one file per language), Verification attestation.

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NB: The charcoal version of the CA1510 is delivered in a small-format metal case, the white version is in a cardboard box but is supplied with a desktop stand.

Compliant with the latest standards for measuring CO2 in order to assess ventilation systems and measure pollutants in the context of indoor air quality monitoring, the Chauvin C.A 1510 is also an accurate preliminary diagnostic indicator thanks to its alerts set at 1,000 ppm or 1,700 ppm of CO2 in the air.

Carbon dioxide is a colourless and odourless gas. It is not toxic, but at high concentrations can interfere with mental concentration and cause headaches. Outdoor air contains approximately 0.04% (400 ppm) CO2. In an indoor environment, human activity (breathing) can rapidly increase this concentration to values in excess of 1000 ppm (for example in meeting rooms or school classrooms). It is for this reason that the level of CO2 is an excellent indicator of the efficiancy of the renewal of indoor air.

Coronavirus is airborne and transmitted through tiny droplets called aerosols that linger in the air much longer than the larger globs that come from coughing or sneezing especially in poorly ventilated indoor areas. Measuring the CO2 concentration with the CA 1510 is a good indicator of the efficiency of room ventilation and thus of the reduction of the risk of infection.

The ambient temperature and relative humidity are two more important quantities in the monitoring of indoor air quality. Beyond certain values, they can cause discomfort and favour the propagation of moulds that release allergenic or irritant substances into the air.

The C.A 1510 combines the following functions:

Measurement of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air (CO2).
Measurement of the ambient temperature.
Measurement of the relative humidity.


Link to Android Application. Click on image.

google play

Have you got a minute to hear how good ventilation helps fight Covid19

Chauvin CA1510 Specifications
CO2 Measurement
Measuring principle Non-diffusive infrared (NDIR) technology.
Type of sensor Double-beam infrared cell sensor.
Measurement range 0 to 5,000 ppm.
Uncertainty ± 50 ppm ± 3 % of value measured.
Response time, 63 % < 200 seconds.
Resolution 1 ppm.
Temperature Measurement
Type of sensor CMOS.
Measurement range -10 °C to +60 °C.
Accuracy ± 0.5 °C.
Resolution 0.1 °C.
Humidity Measurement
Type of sensor Capacitive.
Measurement range 5 to 95 % RH.
Accuracy ± 2 % RH.
Resolution 0.1 % RH.
Recording interval Customisable from 1 minute to 2 hours.
Storage More than 1 million measurements.
Buzzer Yes.
Units °C or °F.
Display Hold function
Automatic power-off Yes (in portable mode only).
General Specifications
Product operating range Temperature: -10 °C to +60 ° C
Humidity: 5 to 95 %RH.
Power supply Alkaline batteries: 2 x 1.5 V AA / LR6 or rechargeable battery
Connection to mains possible with mains / micro USB adapter supplied as standard.
Interfaces 2 communication modes possible:
Bluetooth wireless communication
USB link; the product is then recognised as a USB key for easy file transfer.
Mounting C.A 1510 casing equipped with a magnet, a wall-suspension system and a slot for hanging the product. A wall support for use with a padlock (padlock not supplied) is available as an accessory, as is a desktop stand (supplied as standard with the C.A 1510W).
Protection IP40.
Compliance IEC 61010-1 for 50 V in Category II
IEC 61326-1 – Compliance with French decree no. 2012-14.
Functions of the Data Logger Transfer software supplied as standard Graphic representation or as table of values – Data export – Real-time mode
Report generation.
Dimensions 125 x 65.5 x 32 mm.
Weight 90 g with batteries.
Chauvin Arnoux C.A1510 warranty 24-months.


Chauvin CA1510 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Chauvin Arnoux CA1510 Indoor Air Quality Logger.

Download (1.26M)

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Chauvin CA1510 Indoor Air Quality Logger
Calibration Kit In-situ calibration kit (fits into the metal case). P01651022
Wall Mounting (wht) White wall support. P01651020
Wall Mounting (blk) Black wall support. P01651024
Case Hard case. P01298071
Stand Desktop stand. P01651021

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