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Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
  • Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
  • Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
  • Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
  • Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

Testo Approved distributor and service company.

Includes: Testo 480 digital temperature and humidity meter, integrated pressure difference sensor, “Easy Climate” software, power adaptor, USB cable, calibration certificate.

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With the Testo 480, you record, analylse and document all VAC-relevant parameters with only one instrument. The multi-function VAC measuring instrument stands out above all thanks to its accuracy and practice-oriented handling.

The high-precision digital temperature and humidity meter provides independent experts, consultants, technical service providers and service technicians in the field of ventilation and a/c with an efficient means of carrying out all their measurements – i.e. norm-compliant setting and adjustment of air conditioning and ventilation systems in offices, residential and industrial buildings – with only one device.

The Testo 480 was designed to make your work more efficient and life easier. The high-quality, easy-to-use digital temperature and humidity meter can be used to measure all relevant ventilation and a/c parameters and carry out long-term measurements. The mammoth memory can save up to 60 million readings and a set of integrated programs guide you through the following measurements step by step.

The Testo 480 has a wide range of optional sensors and accessories (i.e. wireless testo turbo printer for print outs on site) which allow you to customize your meter to suit your budget and needs.


High-quality optional sensors.
High-precision, integrated pressure difference sensor included.testo 480 temperature and humidity meter
Pro-software for easy and efficient analysis and logging included.
Intelligent calibration concept.
Highly accurate, integrated differential pressure sensor.


Calibration of air-conditioning cabinets as per DAkkS/DKD directive 5-7.
Differential pressure measurement on filters.
Ensuring the process climate in clean rooms.
Flow measurement in the ventilation duct according to EN 12599.
Flow measurement in the ventilation duct using a pitot tube.
High precision temperature and humidity measurement.
Humidity measurement in the VAC system according to EN 12599.
Measurement of indoor air quality (CO2).
Laboratory flue gas measurement in accordance with EN 14175.
Lighting measurement.
Measurement of the air and surface temperature.
Measurement of radiated heat.
Precision temperature measuring in the laboratory.
Turbulence measurement in accordance with EN 13779.
PMV-/PPD value measurement according to ISO 7730.
Volumetric flow measurement at the air outlet.
WBGT measurement at workplaces exposed to heat as per DIN 33403 and ISO 7243.

Testo 480 Product Video

Testo 480 Specifications
Temperature - Pt100
Measuring range -100 to +400 °C.
Resolution 0.01 °C.
Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni).
Measuring range -200 to +1370 °C.
Accuracy ±(0.3 °C + 0.1 % of mv).
Resolution 0.1 °C.
Humidity - Capacitive
Measuring range 0 to 100 %RH.
Resolution 0.1 %RH.
Velocity - Vane
Measuring range 0.6 to +50 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 16 mm)
0.1 to +15 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 100 mm).
Resolution 0.1 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 16 mm)
0.01 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 100 mm).
Velocity - Hot wire
Measuring range 0 to +20 m/s.
Resolution 0.01 m/s.
Ambient CO2
Measuring range 0 to 10000 ppm CO2.
Resolution 1 ppm CO2.
Comfort level measurement
Measuring range 0 to +5 m/s.
Resolution 0.01 m/s.
Differential pressure (internal sensor) - Piezoresistive
Measuring range -100 to +100 hPa.
Accuracy ±(0.3 Pa + 1 % of mv) (0 to +25 hPa)
±(0.1 hPa + 1.5 % of mv) (+25.001 to +100 hPa).
Resolution 0.001 hPa.
Measuring range 0 to 100000 Lux.
Resolution 1 Lux.
Absolute Pressure (internal sensor and external probe)
Measuring range 700 to 1100 hPa.
Accuracy ±3 hPa.
Resolution 0.1 hPa.
General technical data
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C<.
Protection class IP30.
Connectable probes 2 x Temperature TC Type K, 1 x differential pressure (internal), 3 x digital.
EU-/EG-guidelines 2004/108/EG.
Battery life approx. 17 hours (hand instrument without probes, with 50 % display brightness.
Display function Colour graphic display.
Power supply >Rechargeable battery, plug-in mains unit for long-term measurements and charging battery.
Data transfer USB cable or SD card.
Memory 60,000,000 measuring values.
Storage temperature -20 to +60 °C.
Weight 435 g.


Testo 480 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Testo 480 VAC Measuring Instrument.

Download (966.41k)

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Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
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