Sofamel D-Tueri Personal Voltage Detector


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Personal protection device for detecting electrical fields. Used for works which involve electrical hazard such as operations carried out in medium and high tension electrical installations.

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Over the past years, and due to the increasing number of deadly accidents, the main electrical companies all over the world have requested a product which is capable of protecting their operators while performing their day-to-day tasks.


Unlike other personal detectors available on the market, the Sofamel D-Tueri is an omnidirectional detector which provides safety from any position. When the operator comes close to an electrical field comprised between 10 kV – 66 kV and exceeds an approximate distance of 1 metre for 10 kV and 3 metres for 66 kV, the detector sounds an alarm to inform the operator that he has entered a danger zone. While the operator remains close to the power source, the alarm continues to sound.

The device turns automatically from stand-by mode to alert mode, except for when the batteries are put in for the first time. In this case, the test button must be pressed in order for the device to turn on


Intelligent distance adjusting system By means of an accelerometer, the device is capable of calculating the approximation speed to a power point and deciding the alarm distance based on the user’s capacity of reaction.


For use in distribution centres with overhead lines and transformation.
Usable range: 10 kV to 66 kV.
Operating frequency 50 and 60Hz.
Powered by two LR-03 batteries.
Optional headphones for use in noisy environments.

Sofmel D-Tueri Specifications:

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz.
  • Range of use: 10-66kV.
  • Type: capacitive.
  • Use: in Distribution/Transformation centres and overhead lines.
  • Signalling: Optical and acoustic by means of LED diodes and a buzzer.
  • With accelerometer: providing the device with the capability of differentiating the approximation speed of the voltage source.
  • Climatic category of use: Temperature of -50°C to +55°C, humidity of 20 to 96%.
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries, type LR-03. Always remove batteries when the device is not used.
  • Self-checking: The device is fitted with an operational self-checking function.
  • Automatic start-up: Includes an automatic start-up system in the event of detecting “presence of voltage” when the device is turned off.
  • Sofamel D_Tueri warranty: 2 years.

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Sofamel D-Tueri Personal Voltage Detector