Fluke 6500-2 Portable Appliance Tester Kit

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The 6500-2 has Fluke’s traditional ruggedness to be able to withstand working in the field. Packed with all the features you need for testing portable appliances, a Fluke PAT tester is a complete all-in-one solution.

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The Fluke 6500-2 PAT tester is a low weight, small size, one-touch solution with redesigned auto-test capabilities to help you increase the number of portable appliance tests completed each day.  The 6500-2 is designed to enable you to work faster without compromising test results.

Pre-set test routines are initiated from a single button. This not only simplifies testing but also facilitates a faster, more efficient way of working. The fully automatic 6500-2 also includes user-definable test routines and a QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry.


Dedicated key for each test for ‘one-touch’ testing.
Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time.
Large backlit display for easy reading.
Single mains socket for appliance connection.
Separate IEC socket for easy mains/extension lead testing.
Detachable test leads for quick field replacement.
Integral carrying handle.
USB port for data transfer.
Integral QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry.
Additional USB memory capability for back-up data storage and transfer to PC.
Large backlit graphics display.
Pre-set, auto-test sequences for user convenience.
Integral site, location and description codes for faster data processing.
Memory review facility for more on-site control.
USB port for data transfer.

Fluke 6500-2 Specifications:

  • Power-on test: 90 V to 264 V.
  • Earth bond test (Rpe) Test current: 200 mA ac, 25 A ac.
  • Insulation test (RISO): 250 V dc, 500 V dc.
  • Touch current test Display range: 0 to 1.99 mA ac
  • Substitute leakage current Display range: 0 to 19.99 mA ac.
  • RCD Test: trip current: Nominal - 30 mA.
  • RCD Test: trip time: RCD type: AC general purpose 30 mA.
  • Load/Leakage test: load current: Display range: 0 to 13 A.
  • Dimensions: 200 mm x 275 mm x 114 mm.
  • Weight: 3.13 kg.
  • Fluke 6500-2 warranty: 2 years.


Includes: Fluke 6500-2 and accessories, plus EXTL 100, Extension Lead Test Adaptor, SP Scan 15, Barcode Scanner, Fluke FlukeDMS Software, Pass 560R, Appliance Pass Labels, Fail 100s, Appliance Fail Labels, APP 1000, Barcode Appliance Number Labels.

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Fluke 6500-2 Portable Appliance Tester Kit