FLIR E8 Thermal Imager

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The FLIR E8 camera offers Picture-in-Picture that inserts the thermal image over the visible photo as an extra documentation option.

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The FLIR E8 is an entry-level thermal camera at an extremely affordable price that delivers on both thermal image quality and features. Requiring no prior thermal camera knowledge or experience, the FLIR E8 is the ideal choice for first times users. Simple point and shoot operation is all that is needed to gain a real-time thermal representation of your subject.

With 320 × 240 pixel resolution it is capable of measuring 4800 temperature spots and providing clear thermal images, while the built-in digital camera allows visible light images to be captured and used as a reference for quickly locating faults found on the thermal images. The FLIR E8 gives you a Flir E8 application shot. swappable Li-ion Battery with 4 hour life.


Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) for easier interpretation of an image - adds visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image. Text becomes clearly visible so that you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights and orients problem locations and eliminates the need to refer back to a visual image for detail


On-board 320 x 240 (76,800 pxl) Digital Camera.
Easy-to-use, weighs only 1.2lbs.
MSX Thermal Image Enhancement. Spot Measurement mode.
Simultaneous storage of IR/Visual/MSX images.
Picture in Picture image.
Manual level and span thermal tuning.
Area Box Measurement mode.



Imaging and Optical Data
IR Resolution 320 × 240
MSX Resolution 320 × 240   
Thermal Sensitivity  <0.06°C
Field of View 45° × 34°   
Focus Focus Free
Detector Uncooled Microbolometer
Screen 3.0 in. 320 × 240 color LCD
Frame Rate 9 Hz
Image Modes IR image, visual image, MSX, picture-in-picture, thumbnail gallery
Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) IR image with enhanced detail presentation
Picture-in-Picture IR area on visual image
Temperature Range –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C)
Accuracy  ±2% or 2°C
Measurement Modes 3 modes: 1 Spot (center); 1 Area Box (Min/Max); Isotherm (above/below)
Alarm Blue below or red above set temperature
Emissivity Correction Variable from 0.1 to 1.0
Colour Palettes Iron, Rainbow, and Gray
Set-up Commands Local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats
Image Storage
Storage Capacity Internal memory store at least 500 sets of images
Storage Mode Simultaneous storage of images in IR, visual and MSX
File Formats Standard JPEG, 14-bit measurement data included
Battery Type / Op Time  ~4 hours
Dimensions / Weight 244 x 95 x 140mm / 1.27 lbs (0.575 kg)
Drop 2 meter / 6.6 ft
Warranty 2 Years parts and labour, 10 Years coverage on the detector
Includes: FLIR E8 Thermal Camera, Hard transport case, FLIR Tools software download card, 2 x FLIR Li-ion rechargeable batteries, Battery charger station, USB cable, Power supply including multiplugs, Calibration Certificate, Getting Started Guide, Warranty Extension or Registration Card


Screen (Total Pixels) 76,800
Temp. Range –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C)
Detector Uncooled Microbolometer
IR Resolution 320 x 240 pixels

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FLIR E8 Thermal Imager