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Blackbox G4100 Remote Dispay Unit

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Includes: Elspec G4100 LCD Remote Display Unit (RDU), LAN cable, Elspec 4100 Display Installation & Operation Manual, RS485/422 Communication terminal block connector - BL3.5/4/90LF SW- 4p Black Clamping yoke, 48DC terminal block connector - BL3.5/2/90LF SW – 2p, Black Clamping yoke, Screws for mounting to wall metal plate, Flat fastening disk for mounting with screws and Screw-nut.


The Blackbox G4100 display unit provides full control over all the analysers, allowing technicians & field operators to fully configure & operate every single analyser in the network. The G4100 can be used as a hand held monitoring & configuration tool, connectable via a TCP/IP connection.

The G4100 Remote Display LCD is used to both configure and monitor the G4400 series instruments achieving much the same effect as when using a web browser but with the added tactile feed back only a dedicated LCD display can offer. The G4100 can be used as a hand held monitoring and configuring tool connecting to each Elspec G4400 instrument in turn using an RJ45 network cable, or optionally plugging into a network connection and alternately inputting the IP addresses of the different instruments. One RDU can be used to monitor and configure many G4400 series instruments.


Connects and communicates via RJ45 network cable.
Can also connect through IP communication.
Multiple displays for a same G4k unit.
Single display for any number of G4k units.
Intended use: Indoor-mounted in a low voltage electrical distribution panel.

Elspec G4100 Remote Display with G4430

Elspec Blackbox 4100 Specifications
LED Backlight 160×128 pixels graphic screen.
Power supply 48 VDC.
Operating temperature range -20º to +60º C.
Altitude Up to 2000 meters.
Dimensions (H×W×D) 197×200×46 mm.


Elspec G4400 Datasheet

PDF Brochure of the Elspec Blackbox G4400 Series PQ Analysers.

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Blackbox G4100 Remote Dispay Unit

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