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Fluke 9142-X-P Process Field Metrology Well
  • Fluke 9142-X-P Process Field Metrology Well
  • Fluke 9142-X-P Process Field Metrology Well

Fluke 9142-X-P Process Field Metrology Well

Fluke authorised distributor and calibration house.

Includes: Fluke 9142, users Manual, Technical Manual on CD, Serial Cable 9930, Interface-it Software, Report of Calibration, Insert Removal Tool.

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The Fluke 9142 Field Metrology Well is designed to be a reliable, stable heat source that can be used in the field or laboratory. It offers accuracy, portability, and speed for nearly every field calibration application. The instrument has been designed with the field user in mind and is easy to use while maintaining stability, uniformity, and accuracy comparable to some laboratory instruments.

The Fluke 9142-X-P Field Metrology Well extends high performance to the industrial process environment by maximizing portability, speed, and functionality with little compromise to metrology performance. The “Process” version (“9142-X–P”) combines the heat source with a built-in readout eliminating the need for the technician to take two instruments to the field.

The process option includes a readout for resistance, voltage, 24V loop power and 4 - 20 mA current with on-board documentation, eliminating the need for a separate computer. With this option there is no need to carry around extra process calibration tools.

The 9142 LCD display continuously shows many useful operating parameters including the block temperature, the current set-point, block stability, and heating and cooling status. For the Process version, the reference temperature and secondary input type (UUT) readings are displayed. The display can be set to show the information in one of eight different languages; English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian.

Fluke 9142 Product Video

Fluke 9142 Specifications
Temperature Range at 23 °C –25 °C to 150 °C (–13 °F to 302 °F).
Display Accuracy ± 0.2 °C Full Range.
Stability ± 0.01 °C Full Range.
Axial Uniformity at 40 mm (1.6 in) ± 0.05 °C Full Range.
Radial Uniformity ± 0.01 °C Full Range.
Loading Effect (with a 6.35 mm reference probe and three 6.35 mm probes) ± 0.006 °C Full Range.
Hysteresis 0.025.
Operating Conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 0 % to 90 % RH (non-condensing).
Immersion (Well) Depth 150 mm (5.9 in).
Insert OD 30 mm (1.18 in).
Heating Time 16 min: 23 °C to 140 °C, 23 min: 23 °C to 150 °C, 25 min: –25 °C to 150 °C.
Cooling Time 15 min: 23 °C to –25 °C, 25 min: 150 °C to –23 °C.
Resolution 0.01 °.
Display LCD, °C or °F user-selectable.
Calibration NVLAP accredited calibration included.
Weight 8.16 kg (18 lb).
Dimensions (H x W x D) 290 mm x 185 mm x 295 mm (11.4 x 7.3 x 11.6 in).
Fluke 9142 warranty 1 year.

-P Specifications
Built-in Reference Thermometer Readout Accuracy (4-Wire Reference Probe)† ± 0.010 °C at -25 °C
± 0.015 °C at 0 °C
± 0.020 °C at 50 °C
± 0.025 °C at 150 °C
± 0.030 °C at 200 °C
± 0.040 °C at 350 °C
± 0.050 °C at 420 °C
± 0.070 °C at 660 °C.
Reference Resistance Range 0 ohms to 400 ohms.
Reference Resistance Accuracy‡ 0 ohms to 42 ohms: ±0.0025 ohms 42 ohms to
400 ohms: ±60 ppm of reading.
Reference Characterisations ITS-90, CVD, IEC-751, Resistance.
Reference Measurement Capability 4-wire.
Reference Probe Connection 6-pin Din with Infocon Technology.
Built-in RTD Thermometer Readout Accuracy NI-120: ± 0.015 °C at 0 °C
PT-100 (385): ± 0.02 °C at 0 °C
PT-100 (3926): ± 0.02 °C at 0 °C
PT-100 (JIS): ± 0.02 °C at 0 °C.
RTD Resistance Range 0 ohms to 400 ohms.
RTD Resistance Accuracy‡ 0 ohms to 25 ohms: ±0.002 ohms
25 ohms to 400 ohms: ±80 ppm of reading.
RTD Characterisations PT-100 (385),(JIS),(3926), NI-120, Resistance.
RTD Measurement Capability 4-wire RTD (2-,3-wire RTD w Jumpers only).
RTD Connection 4 terminal input.
Built-in TC Thermometer Readout Accuracy Type J: ± 0.7 °C at 660 °C
Type K: ± 0.8 °C at 660 °C
Type T: ± 0.8 °C at 400 °C
Type E: ± 0.7 °C at 660 °C
Type R: ± 1.4 °C at 660 °C
Type S: ± 1.5 °C at 660 °C
Type M: ± 1.4 °C at 660 °C
Type L: ± 0.7 °C at 660 °C
Type U: ± 0.75 °C at 600 °C
Type N: ± 0.9 °C at 660 °C
Type C: ± 1.1 °C at 660 °C.
TC Millivolt Range –10 mV to 100 mV.
Voltage Accuracy 0.025% of reading + 0.01 mV.
Internal Cold Junction Compensation Accuracy ± 0.35 °C (ambient of 13 °C to 33 °C).
TC Connection Small connectors.
Built-in mA Readout Accuracy 0.02 % of reading + 2 mV.
mA Range Cal 4-22 mA, Spec 4-24 mA.
mA Connection 2 terminal input.
Loop Power Function 24 V DC loop power.
Built-in Electronics Temperature Coefficient (0 °C to 13 °C, 33 °C to 50 °C) ± 0.005 % of range per °C.
Calibration NVLAP accredited calibration included.
† The temperature range may be limited by the reference probe connected to the readout. The Built-In Reference Thermometer Readout Accuracy does not include the sensor probe accuracy. It does not include the probe uncertainty or probe characterisation errors.
‡ Measurement accuracy specifications apply within the operating range and assume 4-wires for PRTs. With 3-wire RTDs add 0.05 ohms to the measurement accuracy plus the maximum possible difference between the resistances of the lead wires.


Fluke 914X Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Fluke 914X Series Field Metrology Wells.

Download (354.53k)

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Fluke 9142-X-P Process Field Metrology Well
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