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Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Calibrator
  • Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Calibrator
  • Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Calibrator

Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Dry-Well

Fluke Calibration authorised distributor.

Includes: Fluke 9101-256, 1x Set of Telescoping Inserts, Power Cord, User’s Guide, Report of Calibration (NIST).

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The Fluke Calibration 9101 takes advantage of the latest solid-state cooling technology rather than relying on older, less reliable sealed-water-cell devices. This eliminates the possibility that the sealed water cell will freeze and burst while transporting the unit to field locations. And the solid-state cooler is run by an adjustable electronic controller that can be recalibrated in your lab for convenient recertification. Simply place a certified standards thermometer in one of the wells and, if needed, tweak the 9101 controller until the standards thermometer reaches equilibrium at 0 °C.

The model 9101 zero point dry-well is a precision instrument which maintains a constant temperature at 0°C. It can be used to provide a stable zero reference for thermocouples or for calibrating temperature probes. The 9101 has three wells so that multiple probes may be calibrated and compared at once. It includes one set of telescoping inserts to provide various smaller diameters.

The 9101 uses solid-state electronics to control the temperature of an aluminum block. The block temperature is monitored with a high sensitivity thermistor sensor. The controlling circuit adjusts the current to thermoelectric modules which cool the block maintaining a stable temperature. Since the current to the cooling modules is constant DC there is no problem with induced EMF noise in the user’s probes or thermocouples due to switching transients of the cooling circuits.


Bath-quality stability in a portable ice-point reference.
Completely self-contained.
Easy re-calibration for long-term reliability.
Ready-light frees user’s time and attention.
Solid-state cooling technology.

Because the temperature control is done with solid-state electronics the Fluke 9101 is rugged and stable. The zero point dry-well will not be damaged by subfreezing temperatures during shipping or storage.

Fluke 9101 Specifications
0 °C (32 °F).
Stability±0.005 °C.
Total Instrument
±0.02 °C, typical; ±0.05 °C max. (18–25 °C ambient).
Stabilisation Time
Approx. 30 minutes
(the ready lamp indicates stable control at 0 °C).
±0.005 °C/ °C amb.
Size (H x W x D)
311 x 216 x 150 mm
(12.25 x 8.5 x 6 in).
115 VAC (±10 %), 1 A or 230 VAC (±10 %), 0.5 A, specify,
50/60 Hz, 125 W.
Well Dimensions
2 wells 6.4 mm dia. x 152 mm D (0.25 x 6 in), 1 well 7 mm dia. x
152 mm D (0.28 x 6 in). Includes one set of telescoping inserts to provide
various smaller diameters.
Weight5.4 kg (12 lb.).
Data at 0 °C.


Fluke 9101 Manual

PDF Manual of the Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Dry-Well.

Download (128.95k)

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Fluke 9101 Zero-Point Dry-Well

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