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Chauvin F65 Multimeter Clamp
  • Chauvin F65 Multimeter Clamp
  • Chauvin F65 Multimeter Clamp

Chauvin F65 Leakage Clamp

Chauvin Arnoux authorised distributor and calibration house.

In the event of an insulation fault or untimely tripping of RCDs, the F65 clamp is the ideal tool for detecting and measuring the leakage currents flowing to earth.

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Your installation and its users may be endangered through isolation faults and untimely RCD tripping. Such phenomena are often caused by leakage currents that prove difficult to detect. For testing and maintenance professionals in the industrial and tertiary sectors faced with this challenge, the Chauvin Arnoux F65 pocket-sized clamp is the recognised solution, while providing the full range of functions proposed by conventional multimeter clamps.

Offering exceptional resolution of 10 μA and high immunity (70 dB) to eddy currents, F65 clamps are specially suited to the measurement of leakage currents that trigger RCDs, causing imbalances between phase-phase and phase-earth currents.

The harmonic filter facilitates the detection of faults on disturbed systems and power circuits (switched power supplies, variable speed drives, inverters, etc.).

The Chauvin F65 pocket-sized clamp provides the full range of functions proposed by conventional clamp-on multimeters: current up to 100 A, AC/DC voltage, frequency, resistance and audible continuity.


Analysis of RCD trigger currents.
Earth leakage currents.
Unbalanced phase currents.
High immunity to currents of adjacent conductors.
Anti-harmonic filter selection for enhanced.
fault detection on disturbed systems.
3-year warranty.
Compliance with standard VDE 0404.

Chauvin F65 Specifications:

  • Large clamping diameter: 28 mm.
  • Display: 10,000 counts - 2 measurements / s.
  • Current: 30 µA to 100 A AC.
  • Resolution: 10 µA.
  • 50/60 Hz anti-harmonic filter.
  • High immunity to eddy currents: 70 dB.
  • AC/DC voltage: 0.1 V to 600 V.
  • RMS measurement: Yes.
  • Frequency: 5 Hz to 1 kHz.
  • Resistance: 0.1 Ω to 1 kΩ.
  • Audible continuity: < 35 Ω.
  • Functions: Max, Relative, display memorisation.
  • Automatic power-off with battery status indication.
  • Standards: IEC 61010-1 / IEC 61010-2-032 / IEC 61010-2-033.
  • Installation category: CAT III 300 V.
  • Protection rating of casing: IP 30 as per NF EN 60529.
  • Dimensions: 218 x 64 x 30 mm.
  • Weight: 280 g (with batteries).
  • Chauvin F65 warranty: 3 years.


Includes: Chauvin F21 in case, 1 x elbowed male banana/straight male banana leads, 1 set of test probes, 2 x  1.5 V AAA/LR3 batteries and operating manual in 5 languages.

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Chauvin F65 Leakage Clamp

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