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Druck DPI705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer
  • Druck DPI705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer
  • Druck DPI705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer
  • Druck DPI705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer
  • Druck DPI705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer

Druck DPI 705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer

GE Druck Approved distributor and service company.

Includes: The Druck DPI 705-IS Manometer is supplied with a user guide and calibration certificate as standard.

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*** The Druck DPI705 series will be made obsolete on 31st August 2020 and will be replaced by the DPI705E. ***

Compact, robust and lightweight, the GE Druck DPI 705 IS pressure indicator is designed for single handed operation and provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting. The GE DPI 705 IS indicator uses a micro-machined silicon transducer to produce a pressure reading in units of pressure measurement.

This intrinsically safe pressure indicator is certified by BASEEFA and CSA and has sucessfully met the examination and test requirements: EN50014 : 1992 and EN50020 : 1994 and EEx ia IIC T4 -10°C Tamb +50°C (15°F to 120°F). The DPI 705 IS pressure indicator may be used in zones 0, 1 or 2 for industries with any gas group.

If a key is not pressed within 10 minutes then the instrument times out and switches off.

To perform a leak test, press the LEAK key 3 times. The instrument counts down 60 seconds displaying the leakage at the end of the 60 second period. See video below.

A zero should be performed on gauge and differential instruments before measuring pressure. Note: A zero can only be performed on absolute pressure indicators if a vacuum is first applied to the pressure port.

A single alarm can be set to operate when the displayed pressure value rises above the alarm setting. The alarm causes the display to flash and a beeper to sound for one minute.


Adjustable zero and auto power off.
14 selectable pressure units.
Suitable for use with liquids compatible with the stainless steel diaphragm.
Ambient temperature indication in °C or °F.
60 second leak test mode.
Averaging filter for unstable pressure measurement.
Manual tare facility.
Adjustable audio/visual high pressure alarm.
Dust and waterproof to IP54.

How to Perform a Leak Test with a DPI705-IS

Druck DPI705 IS Specifications
Pressure range0 to 7 bar gauge.
Accuracy0.1% FS accuracy.
Pressure Unitspsi, inHg, inH2O (4°C, 20°C and 60°F), ftH2O (4°C, 20°C and 60°F), mmHg, mHg, mbar, bar, mH2O, Pa, hPa, KPa, MPa, Kgf/cm2.
Calibration Unitsmbar, bar, psi, kPa, mPa, hPa, Kgh/cm2.
Leak testStandard 60 second leak test.
ZeroZero pressure correction.
Tare0 to 100% FS zero offset capability.
Filter10 reading rolling average for unstable pressures.
AlarmAdjustable high pressure alarm with visual and audible warning.
OverpressureSafe to 2 x FS. Display flashes at 110% FS.
Media compatibilityInternal sensor: stainless steel, except positive differential non-corrosive fluid and negative differential dry gas.
Ambient Temperature°C and °F reading of local condition ±1.5°C (±3°F).
Display13mm LCD with 99999 readout.
Power ManagementLow battery indicator and selectable ‘auto off’.
Battery3 x Alkaline cells.
Storage temperature-10°C to 50°C (15°F to 120°F).
Safety Conformance
IS Class I, Groups A, B, C & D, T4 Exia; Class I, Zone 0, AEx/Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C) to CSA Std. 157-92, UL 913 (7th Ed.), CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60079-0:11, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60079-11:11, ANSI/UL 60079-0:09 and ANSI/UL 60079-11:09.
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C) to ATEX IEC 60079-0:2011 and EN 60079-11:2012.
EnvironmentalIP54 (NEMA 12).
Dimensions190 x 90 x 36 mm.
Weight<500 g.
Druck DPI705 IS warrantyOne year.


Druck DPI705 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Druck DPI705 Series of Digital Pressure Indicators.

Download (824.13k)

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Druck DPI 705 IS 0 - 7 Bar Gauge Manometer
Case Leather case for DPI 705 IS models. IO705SB

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