Megger AVO210 CATIII 600V Multimeter


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The AVO210 is a general purpose auto/manual ranging multimeter suitable for electricians, heating engineers and alarm technicians.

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Designed specifically to meet the needs of contractors, engineers and technicians looking for a versatile, compact and cost-effective general-purpose digital multimeter, the new AVO210 from Megger provides facilities for measuring AC and DC voltage and current as well as resistance, frequency and capacitance. It also has a continuity function with a fast reaction sounder, and a non-contact voltage-sensing feature that is invaluable when tracing cable runs.

The AVO210 incorporates a compact yet robust case with handgrips at both sides. Together with a carefully positioned function-select switch, this means that the instrument can be easily used with one hand, a feature that maximises user convenience in many testing situations.

As further aids to user convenience, the AVO210 has a simple, intuitive user interface that makes constant reference to the user guide unnecessary, and a large, easy-to-read 2,000-count display.

The measurement ranges offered by the AVO210 have been chosen to cover all everyday testing requirements. The instrument measures DC voltage up to 1,000 V, AC voltage up to 750 V and both DC and AC current up to 10 A. The resistance range extends to 20 MΩ, the capacitance range to 2,000 µF, and the frequency range to 20 MHz. By default, all functions are auto-ranging, but manual range selection can be easily enabled when required.


750 V AC and 1000 V DC ranges.
10 A AC/DC current ranges.
Resistance measurements up to 40MΩ are also possible.
Additional ranges featured are frequency and capacitance.
Non-contact voltage detector function (VoltSense).
Data Hold button allows 'freezing' of the display.
MAX/MIN button allows toggling between maximum and minimum measurements.
Diode /continuity testing.
CATIII 600 V / CATII 1000 V safety rating.

Megger AVO210 Specifications:

  • Voltage Ranges: 750 V AC / 1000 V DC.
  • 10 A AC / DC ranges.
  • Resistance: 200.0 ~ 200.0 K, 2.000 M, 20.00 M.
  • frequency and capacitance ranges.
  • Display: 2000 counts.
  • Polarity: Automatic, positive implied, negative indicated.
  • Over-range indication: “OL” or “-OL”.
  • Sample Rate: Samples 2 times per second nominal.
  • Battery indicator: “<” is displayed when the batteries voltage drops below operating voltage.
  • Auto power down: Approx 10 minutes.
  • Power supply: 1.5 V x 2 LR03 or AAA size.
  • Battery life: Alkaline 250 hours.
  • Calibration Cert: No.
  • Dimensions: 74 mm x 156 mm x 44 mm.
  • Weight: 320 g.
  • AVO210 warranty: 3 years.


Includes: Megger AVO 210 multimeter, manual and test leads with GS38-compliant shrouded tips.

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Megger AVO210 CATIII 600V Multimeter