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GE Sensing UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensors - Built Around You

The flexibility of UNIK 5000 allows you to configure pressure sensors for most applications including marine, oil & gas, aerospace, mining, industrial and power generation.

UNIK 5000 represents a significant step forward in the production of silicon pressure sensors. By using standard components we run our production as a high volume operation whilst customising each sensor to meet your specification. Because the components are standard, production is streamline enabling us to deliver with short lead times and at standard prices.


Druck Unik 5000

The combination of Druck's proven reliability and GE's global support keeps your people and plant safe while delivering excellent performance and minimising maintenance requirements.

Druck Unik 5000

Flexible configuration for extreme environments deliver reliable, robust, high performance pressure measurement with the option for IECEx/ATEX/FM IS, flame proof and explosion proof certifications.

Druck Unik 5000

UNIK 5000 piezoresistive sensors offer a wide selection of pressure ports, electrical connectors and circuit options. High performance and accuracy even in harsh conditions makes UNIK 5000 ideal for aerospace ground test applications.

Druck Unik 5000

Druck's proven field performance combined with GE's global reach and expertise gives you peace of mind and reliable support. UNIK 5000's custom configurations deliver reliable, high performance pressure measurement.

Druck Unik 5000

DNV approvals give you fully certified products cutting costs and time. Sensors are housed in titanium or stainless steel 316L SS casing. Using field proven components we build the sensors as part of a high capacity production line.

DNV certification for most zones onboard ship makes the UNIK 5000 an ideal choice for marine industry OEMs and operational applications.

UNIK 5000 Features

unik5000 features

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Using proven Druck components our modular design process offers over 10,000 configurations to meet your specific needs – bringing you accuracy, productivity and safety to a wide range of applications.

UNIK 5000 is an incredibly flexible silicon pressure sensor solution incorporating a wide range of accuracies, outputs, temperature ranges and physical constructions. UNIK 5000 is configured specifically to your application requirement.


With three grades of performance: Industrial (+/-0.2% FS BSL), Improved (+/- 0.1% FS BSL) and Premium (+/- 0.04% FS BSL).

Extreme environments

UNIK 5000 configured sensors can be built for most environments with operating temperature ranges from -55 °C to +125 °C. And IP (Nema 4) ratings including up to permanent full submersion in both water and Hydrocarbons and built of high-grade stainless steel with a new option of titanium for specialist applications.

Specialist certifications

Configured options for Intrinsically safe, and Explosion-proof/flameproof, mining and marine certifications, through IECEx/ATEX and FM FMc and DNV.

Broad pressure ranges

With broad pressure range operation from 70 mbar (1psi) to 700 bar (10,000 psi) UNIK 5000 is referenced to gauge, and absolute with both wet/dry and wet/wet differential options.

Broad temperature ranges

UNIK 5000 configured sensors can be built for most environments with operating over temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to 257°F).

Electrical output

UNIK 5000 has multiple options Voltage millivolts and milliamps choose the option for your application depending on what matters to you be it; noise immunity, long cable runs, reduced power consumption.

How To Build Your Sensor

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unik5000 video

View a video on how to build your Unik 5000 sensor

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UNIK 5000 Datasheet

unik5000 datasheet

Click to view the Unik 5000 datasheet (opens in a new window).