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Calibration Of Older Electrical Test Equipment

Calibrate old and obsolete test equipmentMany engineers still have old pieces of kit tucked away in a draw or buried in their tool box. After many years service you may be reluctant to throw away a perfectly good instrument. Well now you don't need to.

Cuthbertson Laird Group can calibrate your old and obsolete test equipment at a reasonable price. Providing the instrument is still in working order and doesn't need spare parts that are not now available, we'll probably be able to calibrate it.


Make & model yes Make & model yes
Robin KMP3010DL calibration Yes Robin KMP3050DL calibration Yes
Robin KMP3075DL calibration Yes Robin KMP4105 calibration Yes
Robin KMP4120DL calibration Yes Robin KMP4116DL calibration Yes
Robin KMP4118DL calibration Yes Robin KMP5404DL calibration Yes
Robin KMP5406DL calibration Yes Robin K3106DL calibration Yes
Robin K3131DL calibration Yes Robin KTS1610 calibration Yes
Robin KTS1620 calibration Yes Robin KTS1630 calibration Yes
Robin K2017 calibration Yes Robin K2027 calibration Yes
Robin K2608 calibration Yes Robin KA8112 calibration Yes
Robin K2000 calibration Yes Robin K2031 calibration Yes
Robin K2033 calibration Yes Robin SmartPAT 5500 calibration Yes
Robin SmartPAT 5000 calibration Yes Robin SmartPAT 3500 calibration Yes
Robin SmartPAT 3000 calibration Yes Robin Loop Tester calibration Yes
Robin Insulation Tester calibration Yes Robin PAT Tester calibration Yes
Robin Earth Tester calibration Yes Robin MFT calibration Yes
Robin Clampmeter calibration Yes Robin Test Kit calibration Yes
Robin K8031F calibration Yes Megger BM11D calibration Yes
Megger AVO8 calibration Yes Megger BM25 calibration Yes
Megger BM22 calibration Yes Programma Sverker calibration Yes
Programma Harald calibration Yes Hart Metrology Bath calibration Yes
Hart Dry-Well calibration Yes Hart Micro-Bath calibration Yes
Hart Handheld Dry-Well calibration Yes Hart Infrared calibration Yes
Hart Scientific calibration Yes Hart Scientific Equipment calibration Yes
LEM Earth Tester calibration Yes LEM Norma calibration Yes
Megger DET5/4 calibration Yes Megger PAT32 calibration Yes
 calibration Yes  calibration Yes
 calibration Yes  calibration Yes
 calibration Yes  calibration Yes
 calibration Yes  calibration Yes
 calibration Yes  calibration Yes




Why Calibrate Old & Obsolete Test Equipment?

Regular traceable calibration is a method for gaining quantifiable confidence in a measurement system. To maintain that performance until the next calibration it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the instrument is not mishandled, subjected to environmental extremes, and to select an appropriate calibration interval. More information can be found in the Calibration in Hamilton, Calibration in Leeds and Calibration in Belfast pages of this website.