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Calibration Of T&R Test Equipment

Calibrate T&R test equipmentTrusted by customers world-wide, T&R Test Equipment Ltd. are the UK's leading manufacturer of heavy current and high voltage electrical test equipment. The manually driven controls allow true flexibility with power at your finger tips.

The T&R range includes relay test equipment, primary current injection systems, micro-ohmmeters, DC cable test sets and AC flash testers. We can calibrate the full range of T&R test equipment at reasonable prices.


Make & model yes Make & model yes
T&R 200ADM calibration Yes T&R 100ADM calibration Yes
T&R 100ADM-F calibration Yes T&R 100A/E calibration Yes
T&R PCU1 calibration Yes T&R PCU2 calibration Yes
T&R 50A-3PH calibration Yes T&R 200A-3PH calibration Yes
T&R 750ADM calibration Yes T&R DMO200 calibartion Yes
T&R DMO600 calibration Yes T&R 200ADM-P calibration Yes
T&R PT18-10 calibration Yes T&R PT30-10 calibration Yes
T&R PT15-10S calibration Yes T&R DVS3 calibration Yes
T&R KV5-100 calibration Yes T&R KV15-80 calibration Yes
T&R KV10-120 calibration Yes T&R KV30-100 calibration Yes
T&R KV50-100 calibration Yes T&R KV30-40 calibration Yes
T&R KV5-400 calibration Yes T&R KV100-100 calibration Yes
T&R DSM200 calibration Yes T&R DSM600 calibration Yes
T&R Relay Test Set calibration Yes T&R Micro-Ohmmeter calibration Yes
T&R Current Injection Test Set calibration Yes T&R DC Cable Test Set calibration Yes
T&R AC Cable Test Set calibration Yes T&R Test Equipment calibration Yes




Why Calibrate T&R Test Equipment?

Regular traceable calibration is a method for gaining quantifiable confidence in a measurement system. To maintain that performance until the next calibration it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the instrument is not mishandled, subjected to environmental extremes, and to select an appropriate calibration interval. More information can be found in the Calibration in Hamilton, Calibration in Leeds and Calibration in Belfast pages of this website.