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Calibration Of Fluke Temperature Calibration Equipment (formerley Hart Scientific)

Have your live line test equipment calibrated by Cuthbertson Laird GroupFluke's Temperature Calibration Division (Hart Scientific) makes everything you need for calibrating temperature sensors including SPRTs, PRTs, thermistors, and thermocouples. Hart Scientific's primary temperature standards are used in national metrology institutes around the world.

We are authorised distributors for Fluke Calibration (Hart Scientific) test equipment. We can also offer competitive rates on their calibration and repair..


Make & model yes Make & model yes
Hart Scientific 1502A calibration Yes Fluke 1502A calibration Yes
Hart 1521 calibration Yes Fluke 1521 calibration Yes
Hart Scientific 1522 calibration Yes Fluke1522 calibration Yes
Hart 1529 calibration Yes Fluke1529 calibration Yes
Hart Scientific 9009 calibration Yes Fluke 9009 calibration Yes
Hart 9132 calibration Yes Fluke 9132 calibration Yes
Hart 9133 calibration Yes Fluke 9133 calibration Yes
Hart 9135 Scientific calibration Yes Fluke 9135 calibration Yes
Hart 6102 calibration Yes Fluke 6102 calibration Yes
Hart 6103 calibration Yes Fluke 6103 calibration Yes
Hart 9103 calibration Yes Fluke 9103 calibration Yes
Hart Scientific 9140 calibration Yes Fluke 9140 calibration Yes
Hart 9141 calibration Yes Fluke 9141 calibration Yes
Hart 9100S calibration Yes Fluke 9100S calibration Yes
Hart 9102S calibration Yes Fluke 9102S calibration Yes
Hart Dry-Well calibration Yes Fluke Dry-Well calibration Yes
Hart Metrology Bath calibration Yes Fluke Metrology Bath calibration Yes
Fluke 1523 calibration Yes Fluke 1524 calibration Yes
Fluke 9190A calibration Yes Fluke Micro-Bath calibration Yes
Hart Micro-Bath  calibration Yes Standards Thermometer calibration Yes
Hart Handheld Dry-Well calibration Yes Fluke Handheld Dry-Well calibration Yes
Fluke Infrared calibration Yes Hart Infrared calibration Yes
Hart Scientific Equipment calibration Yes Fluke Temperature calibration Yes
Fluke 9142 calibration Yes Fluke 9143 calibration Yes
Fluke 9144 calibration Yes Fluke 4181-256 calibration Yes
Fluke 1551A calibration Yes Temperature Source calibration Yes
Fluke 724 calibration Yes Fluke 712B calibration Yes
Fluke 714B calibration Yes  calibration Yes




Why Calibrate Fluke Temperature Equipment?

Regular traceable calibration is a method for gaining quantifiable confidence in a measurement system. To maintain that performance until the next calibration it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the instrument is not mishandled, subjected to environmental extremes, and to select an appropriate calibration interval. More information can be found in the Calibration in Hamilton, Calibration in Leeds and Calibration in Belfast pages of this website.