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Chauvin MA400D
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  • Chauvin MA400D
  • Chauvin MA400D
  • Chauvin MA400D

Chauvin MA400D-170 DigiFLEX

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Includes: 1 DigiFLEX sensor delivered in a blister pack with 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries, 1 elastic strap and an operating manual in 5 languages.

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The Chauvin MA 400D DigiFLEX is used for RMS measurements of current, from 20 mA to 400 A. The sensor takes the form of a flexible coil 17 or 25 cm long, connected by a shielded cord to a small housing containing the signal processing electronics, supplied by a battery. The flexibility of the sensors makes it easier to wrap them round the conductor to be measured, whatever its type (cable, bar, strand, etc.) and its accessibility. The design of the snap‑action coil opening and closing device allows it to be handled while wearing protective gloves.

The range comprises 2 models: the MA400D version, whose measurement range starts at 20 mA, is designed for work in residential conditions and can also be used to check electricity distribution points up to 400 A.

The MA4000D version can be used on higher-power installations in industry and the energy production sector. Although it is a high-performance instrument, the remains very simple to use: 2 buttons are all it takes to start the instrument, deactivate the automatic power-off function, HOLD the value on the display or store the maximum value (MAX HOLD).

It is also particularly practical, as the shape of the casing is designed for comfortable handling, the articulated, magnetic MultiFix system makes it simple to position and the velcro strap facilitates storage.

Available Models:

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MA400D-170 P01120575Z with flexi clamp 45mm - 170mm dia.

MA400D-250 P01120576Z with flexi clamp 70mm - 250mm dia.


Compact, stand-alone and simple to use.
Direct current readings.
Measurement from 10 mA.
Storage of maximum value.
The flexible coil is resistant to oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
3 models available.

MA400D DigiFlex RMS AC Current Meter

Chauvin MA400D and MA4000D DigiFLEX Specifications
MA400D MA4000D
Display range 4 A AC 40 A AC 400 A AC 40 A AC 400 A AC 4000 A AC
Measurement range 0.020 A … 3.999 A 4.00 A … 39.99 A 40.0 A … 399.9 A 0.1 A … 39.99 A 40.0 A … 399.9 A 400 A … 3,999 A
Resolution 1 mA 10 mA 100 mA 10 mA 100 mA 1 A
Accuracy ±(2% + 10 cts) ) ±(1.5%+ 2 cts) ±(1.5%+ 2 cts) ±(2%+ 10 cts) ±(1.5%+ 2 cts) ±(1.5%+ 2 cts)
Sensor clamping diam. / length MA400D-170: Ø 45 mm / 170 mm
MA400D-250: Ø 70 mm / 250 mm
MA4000D-350: Ø 100 mm / 350 mm.
Bandwidth 10 Hz … 3 kHz.
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V AAA/LR3 batteries.
Safety IEC 61010 CAT IV 600V.
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C.
Storage temperature ‑20°C to +70°C (without batteries).
Instrument weight Approx. 130 g.
Casing dimensions 100 x 60 x 20 mm.
Connection cable length 0.8 m.
Chauvin MA400D warranty 12-months.


Chauvin DigiFLEX Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Chauvin MA400D/MA4000D DigiFLEX Sensor.

Download (1.02M)

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Chauvin MA400D-170 DigiFLEX
Bag Bag 120 x 200 x 60. P01298074
MULTIFIX accessories Multifix multi-position magnetic mounting accessory. P01102100Z
Strap Elastic strap. P01102113

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