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FLIR IR Window 3” - IRW-3C
  • FLIR IR Window 3” - IRW-3C
  • FLIR IR Window 3” - IRW-3C
  • FLIR IR Window 3” - IRW-3C

FLIR IR Window 3” - IRW-3C

Flir Approved distributor.

Includes: IR window, Case, Mounting instructions, additional safety screw.

FLIR Systems
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The FLIR IR Window is a viewport which consist of a crystal "glass" window, mounted in an aluminum frame. The glass is specially formulated to allow transmission of infrared light to allow use of infrared thermal sensing equipment without opening the enclosure. The IR Window is intended for installation in doors or walls of electrical enclosures without compromising the integrity of the enclosure.

You put your life at risk every time you inspect live electric components – but you don’t have to. FLIR’s IRW-Series inspection windows add a protective barrier between you and energised equipment, meaning you don’t need to worry about arc flash accidents.

There’s no need to open electrical cabinets or pile on layers of protection. These IR windows are easy to install, easy to use, and will help you work with greater confidence. You’ll perform inspections more efficiently and reduce the threat of arc flash injury.

FLIR IRW-Series windows feature a permanent hinged cover that flips open easily, so there’s nothing to drop, mix-up, or lose. Choose the standard anti-corrosion anodised aluminum frame, or if there are mixed-metal concerns, opt for durable stainless steel. This will help prevent galvanic corrosion from contact between the stainless steel cabinet and window frame.

Broadband Crystal IR Window

All IRW-Series Windows feature FLIR's broadband crystal, which allows cameras to capture crisp visible and thermal images without distortions. It transmits short, mid, and longwave IR, and supports visual inspections and fusion features. No matter what FLIR camera you're using, you can count on clear image through FLIR IR Windows.

PIRma-Lock™ Reliability

FLIR IR Windows install quickly and securely, thanks to our tried-and-true PIRma-Lock™ locknut technology. Uses the same standard punch tools as conduit connections. Lock-tight teeth hold the ring in place so there's no need for extra screws.

Easy to Install and Use

Drill one hole and attach the single PIRma-Lock™ ring to hold the window in place. Simple hinged cover flips open and stays put, so you don't need to worrying about losing, dropping, or mixing-up covers.

Stainless Steel Option

Avoid issues with dissimilar metals by choosing stainless steel model IRW-Series windows. You won't need to worry about galvanic corrosion from contact between the stainless steel cabinet and window frame. Please contact us directly if you want this option.


For Indoor / Outdoor use.
Broadband crystal lens.
Arc resistant.
Easy Pirma-Lock™ installation.
Quick access cover.
Voltage Range: Any.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 500°F / 260°C.

FLIR IRW InfraRed Windows Product Video

FLIR IRW InfraRed Window 3" Specification
NEMA Environment Type Type 4/12 (outdoor/indoor).
Maximum Operating Temperature 500°F/260°C.
Crystal Insert Diameter 75mm (2.95").
Viewing Aperture Diameter 69mm (2.71").
Viewing Aperture Area 3739mm² (5.79in²).
Window Thickness 2mm (0.07").
Optic Maximum Temperature 1355.6°C (2474°F).
Voltage Range Any.
Body Material Anodised Aluminum.
Overall Height 107.4mm (4.22").
Overall Width 99mm (3.89").
Overall Thickness 26.86mm (1.05").
Required Hole Diameter (Nominal) 3.5" (88.9mm).
Broadband IR - Short, Mid & Longwave
Visible Light Spectrum
Picture-in-Picture & Fusion Image Blending
UL 50 Environment Type 4/12.
KEMA (IEC 62271-200) Arc flash test standard: 5kV, 63kA for 30 cycles at 60Hz.
TUV (IEC 60529) IP67.
Maximum Pullout Strength 1655 kg (3650 lbs).
FLIR IRW-3C warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects.


FLIR IR-Windows Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the FLIR's IR Windows Infrared camera window.

Download (1006.19k)

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FLIR IR Window 3” - IRW-3C

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