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Kewtech FC2000 Check Box
  • Kewtech FC2000 Check Box

Kewtech FC2000 Check Box

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Includes: 1 × FC2000, 1 × Power Lead, Calibration Certificate.

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The Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox allows electricians to check their own 17th Edition test equipment and ensure that all meters are operating correctly and accurately.

The FC2000 includes a ‘lead null’ position for the continuity test range. This can be used either to null the leads if the test instrument being checked includes a lead-null function or to measure the lead resistance for instruments without this function.


12 comprehensive test points.
Insulation, continuity, RCD and loop test function.
Comes in protective hard case.
Checks all leading makes of 17th edition testers.
Null facility for test leads.

Kewtech FC2000 Specifications
Test Point Accuracy  Voltage rating up to1000 V 
0.05 MΩ 1%
2.0 MΩ 1%
200 MΩ 2%
Test Point Accuracy  
0.5 Ω 1%+/- 20 mΩ  
1.0 Ω  
2.0 Ω  
Loop Impedance
Test Point Accuracy  
Local Loop    
Local Loop plus 1 Ω 1%+/- 20 mΩ  
 Local Loop plus 100 Ω  1%+/- 20 mΩ  
Test Point Accuracy - Current 
Accuracy - Time
X 1 1% of range Timer +/- 1mS
X 5 Ω
Check Value Acceptable Range Rating
X1 (30 mA) 30 to 33 mA 30 mA AC type
X 5 (150 mA) 143 to 163 mA 30 mA AC type
X ½ (15 mA) 13.5 to 15mA 30 mA AC type


Kewtech FC2000 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Kewtech FC2000 Check Box.

Download (133.59k)

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Kewtech FC2000 Check Box

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