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Megger Fault Sniffer 2
  • Megger Fault Sniffer 2
  • Megger Fault Sniffer 2
  • Megger Fault Sniffer 2
  • Megger Fault Sniffer 2

Megger Fault Sniffer 2

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Includes: Megger Fault Sniffer 2, Gas detector, power supply unit 230 V, 12 V charging cable, carrying strap, transport case, water-blocker, multi-probe set and replacement filters for water-blocker and gas-inlet in separate carton.

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The Megger Fault Sniffer 2 cable fault detection device is used to quickly locate cable faults in underground low-voltage networks while above ground, without removing the corresponding power line from the mains power supply. The dual sensor installed in the device reacts to the appropriate gases. With cable fault detection, you can detect even the smallest gas concentrations of burnt insulation material above or in the ground.


When a cable fault leads to the burning of the jacket material, combustion gases are produced, the Fault Sniffer 2 reacts to these gases. The combustion gases are directed to the sensors via the integrated pump

The combustion gases are sucked in by a vacuum pump, where sensors in the device detect the gas and display the measured quantities graphically.
Natural occurring gases such as fermentation gas and natural gas are also sucked in and detected. where the two-sensor technology enables the device to distinguish between burning gases and natural gases. If natural gases are detected, the user is warned.

In addition, a vacuum probe system can be connected to direct the gases to the sensors. The sensors used to detect gas concentrations require a running-in period of approximately 1 minute. The running-in phase must be carried out outside. A suitable probe should only be connected after the  running-in phase has been completed.

Various probes can be connected to the Sniffer via the plug-in nipple on the gas inlet. In order to protect the sensors from contamination and the penetration of moisture, a hydrophobic filter and dust filter are located at the gas inlet. Additional protection against moisture is provided by a water blocker, which can also be connected if necessary.

All items are contained in a protective case with a carrying strap. Also available is an extension set vacuum pump system contained in a convenient backpack. Suitable replacement filters for the filter housing at the gas inlet and water blocker can be ordered as accessories.


Distinguishes natural gases from combustion gases.
Money saving - no need to disconnect from the power grid.
Gas concentration displayed on screen.
Over 10 hours use with one battery charge.
Acoustic/optical alarm.
Integrated Bluetooth.

Fault Sniffer 2 Location Of Cable Faults Underground

Megger Fault Sniffer 2 Specifications
General Specifications
Connections 1 nipple Rectus Series 20.
Filter (1) Hydrophobic filter with double membrane and dust filter at the gas inlet (2) Hydro filter and dust filter in the water blocker.
Display LCD, 240 x 160 pixels, display with backlight for the logarithmic display of measured value and bar graph.
Interface Bluetooth.
Data memory Over 2,000,000 measured values.
Carrying technique Attachment for Tenax waist belt.
Sensors Dual sensor for the detection of gases that are charac-teristic of cable faults.
Coupling sensor 7.5 mm borehole probe or bell jar.
Operating principle Semiconductor and electrochemical.
Pump Integrated, flow rate approximately 40 l/h.
Display range Up to approximately 1000 ppm.
Power supply Li-Ion battery pack, nominal voltage: 3.6 volt, nominal capacity: 6700 mAh, charging voltage 12 V/1 A DC re-chargeable.
Charging Via charger with 230 V AC or 12 V DC via integrated charging socket.
Operating time More than 10 hours.
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C.
Protection IP 42.
Dimensions Approximately 192 x 100 x 87 mm (without gas inlet screw).
Weight Approximately 1150 g.
Fault Sniffer 2 warranty 12-months.


Fault Sniffer 2 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger Fault Sniffer 2 cable fault detection device.

Download (732.21k)

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Megger Fault Sniffer 2
Extension Set Fault Sniffer 2 vacuum pump system with backpack. 1012956
Replacement Filter Set Consisting of: 3 Efi1 filters and 30 dust filters for gas-inlet, 8 hydrophobic and 80 dust filters for water-blocker. 90039408
Bitumen Plugs 1 pack (400 pieces). 118302678

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