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Megger PD Scan

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Switchgear Basic: PD Scan main device, external TEV sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, function tester, charger + USB cable, headphone standard, transport case STD, USB Stick with operating manual and reporting software.

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Defects in medium and high voltage systems not only require costly repairs, but also can lead to failures of entire network sections with corresponding  consequences. Therefore, it is in the interest of all network operators to recognise signs of impending defects as early as possible and to be able to take appropriate counter measures on time.

With the PD Scan, Megger offers a lightweight, robust and portable PD scanner that can quickly inspect various type of equipment for partial discharge signals.

Thanks to the variety of sensors, the PD Scan can be used for a wide variety of applications. Primarily, the device was developed to determine the condition of MV-switchgear, for which  purpose internal and external sensors are available. If, for example, you have encapsulated switchgear, the acoustic contact probe sensor is the best choice. For air-insulated switchgear, the acoustic sensors are the best way to go for.

Secondarily, the PD Scan can also be used for PD detection in medium voltage cables. This permits you to get a quick overview of the condition of the cables and offline PD measurements can thereafter be scheduled. For this purpose, the detachable HFCT sensor simply has to be connected around the earth screen of the cable and connected to the device.

Even outdoors, the PD Scan is a useful tool, with the help of the parabolic acoustic receiver with integrated laser pointer, MV and HV components can be precisely checked for surface discharges and corona. In addition the Bluetooth® headphones facilitate the work considerably as no cables can twist.


Three PD measurement methods in one device.
Plug and Play; PD Scan automatically recognises which external sensor has been connected.
Easy to use via soft keys and touchscreen.
Universal operating range due to large variety of sensor.
Automatic evaluation and interpretation of the results.
Optional comfortable Bluetooth® headphones.
Integrated camera.
QR code scanner for asset recognition.
Different views and PRPD display for defect type recogni-tion.
Temperature and humidity measurement using supplied sensor with storage on PD Scan itself.
MeggerBook RE reporting software.

The PD Scan is available in 4 different application-based sets:

Set 1: Switchgear basic
The PD Scan Basic Set includes the main unit which has two internal sensors (TEV, acoustic). In addition, it includes an external TEV sensor for localising partial discharges and a temperature and humidity sensor.

Set 2: Switchgear basic + cable
This kit also includes a HFCT sensor for online PD measurements on the cable.

Set 3: Switchgear pro + cable
In addition to Set 2, this set includes an acoustic contact probe sensor, which is ideal for online PD measurements on enclosed switchgear, and a flexible acoustic sensor for simple indoor acoustic measurements along seams, gaps and small openings.

Set 4: Switchgear pro + cable + outdoor
In addition to set 3, a parabolic acoustic receiver with laser pointer is included, which is ideal for outdoor use such as surveying of HV components for surface and corona discharges.

Megger PD Scan Product Video

Megger PD Scan Specifications
TEV Measurement (capacitive)
Measurement Range-10 ... 80 dBmV.
Bandwidth2 ... 80 MHz.
Resolution1 dBmV.
Accuracy±1 dBmV.
Acoustic Sensor
Measurement Range-10 ... 70 dBμV.
Resolution1 dBμV.
Accuracy±1 dBμV
Transducer centre frequency30, 40 and 80 kHz.
HFCT Sensor (inductive)
Measurement Range-10 ... 80 dB.
Bandwidth100 kHz ... 20 MHz.
Resolution1 dB.
Impedance50 ohm.
Operating temperature-10 ... 55 °C.
Storage temperature-20 ... 70 °C.
Relative humidity93 % at 30 °C (non-condensing).
General Specifications
Display3.5 inch touchscreen, 320 x x240 pixel.
HousingInjection moulded.
InterfacesLemo (external sensors)
USB type C (charging, head-phone, PC)
Controlvia 3 soft keys and touchscreen.
IP RatingIP 54.
Power SupplyInput voltage 90 ... 264 V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 5 VDC.
Internal BatteryLi-Ion 3.6 V / 3.35 Ah.
Operating Time> 8 hours.
Charging Time± 2 hours.
Dimensions (W x H x D)220 x 80 x 30 mm.
Weight420 g.
PD Scan warrantyOne-year.


Megger PD Scan Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger PD Scan online PD handheld scanner

Download (859.3k)

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Megger PD Scan

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