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Fluke Intrinsically Safe Flashlights

May 1, 2019 Latest News 0 Comments
Fluke Intrinsically Safe Flashlights

Making sense of intrinsic safety and intrinsically safe tools

Whenever work is performed in an area where combustible material is present it is essential to take steps to minimise the risk of ignition. Intrinsically safe (IS) tools play a role in these hazardous environments. IS tools reduce the available energy to a level where it is too low to cause ignition.

Hazardous zones are classified according to the frequency and duration with which potentially explosive atmospheres may occur. In these zones hydrocarbons and/or gases may be present during either normal or abnormal operation, respectively. This means that in Zone 1 potentially explosive atmospheres may be present occasionally, while in Zone 2 they may be present only rarely and will be of a short duration.


The primary intrinsically safe standard has been set in the European Union with the 2014/34/EU, commonly called ATEX (“Atmosphères Explosibles,” French for explosive atmospheres).

Introducing Fluke Intrinsically Safe Flashlights

See what you’re testing in hazardous zones. Introducing intrinsically safe flashlights from Fluke. Rugged and reliable. Safety certified. From the largest supplier of intrinsically safe measurement tools.

Four models to fit your workload

FL-45 EX:Pen-size light that easily fits in your pocket.
FL-120 EX:Basic handheld version with low and high output modes.
FL-150 EX:Toolbeltversion with three light output modes: low, high & flash.
HL-200 EX:High output, twin power headlamp for your hardhat.

Fluke offers customers a family of intrinsically safe flashlights that are rugged, reliable with high IP ratings, in addition to being certified intrinsically safe for the users’ market. They are part of Fluke’s complete line of intrinsically safe tools.

Fluke IS Flashlight certification


Oil and gas
Paint shops, commercial paint facilities

All Fluke intrinsically safe flashlights carry a one-year warranty.

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