Bicotest T631 Coaxial Cable Fault Locator



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The Bicotest T631 is designed to offer the CATV technician a high end, long distance TDR in a rugged and robust package.

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The Bicotest T631 is a high resolution, hand-portable cable-test tool for cable television and telecoms industries. At 3 metres it combines the shortest distance with a highly practical 12 kilometre long range.

A total of thirteen operating ranges with zoom facility includes very short pulse widths to identify cable features that are close together or nearby. These can be measured using the twin cursors. Distance to fault is displayed on the screen after the cursor is positioned to coincide with the start of the fault pulse. The type of fault can be determined by analysis of the displayed waveform.

Although designed principally for 50, 75 and 93Ω coaxial cables it is equally effective on other cable types as a fault locator. The T631 is powered by 8 rechargeable cells in a compartment accessible from the rear of the T631, or from an external DC power source via the DC jack.

PC compatibility of the Bicotest T631 ensures waveforms can be analysed, stored and re-loaded for on-site, dynamic comparison of the waveforms when testing coaxial, CATV, CCTV and data cable systems.


Purpose designed for CATV, CCTV and coaxial cable.
Suitable for any type of metallic cable.
All faults clearly identified - from open circuits to wet joints.
Full PC compatibility for in-depth fault analysis.
Measures metres, feet or time.

Bicotest T631 Specifications:

  • Accuracy: Typically <0.5% (48 m range and above).
  • Cursors: 2.
  • Waveform: Sine Squared.
  • Amplitude: Nominally 2.5 V into selected impedance.
  • Pulse Widths: 2, 10, 30, 100, 300, 1200 ns half height nominal.
  • Source Impedance: 50, 75 or 93Ω.
  • Connector: BNC Female.
  • Protection: 250 V RMS, 0-60 Hz.
  • Mode Selection: Auto or Manual.
  • Filter: 16 Mhz Low Pass Filter.
  • Single touch-button automatic fault location or feature measurement.
  • Return Loss Measurement for fault analysis.
  • Large, clear waveform display of full trace for accurate diagnosis.
  • Ranges: 0-3 m to 0-12 kms full screen, in 13 ranges.
  • Gain: 0-60 dB max, selectable in 6 dB steps.
  • Display: High resolution LCD with backlighting (switchable).
  • Memory: 15 locations that retain information until overwritten.
  • Interface: RS 232C to printer or PC.
  • Water ingress: IP54.
  • Keyboard: Sealed membrane.
  • Dimensions: 75 x 183 x 300mm inc handle.
  • Weight: 2.5kg inc battery.
  • Bicotest T631 Cable Fault Locator Warranty: One year.


Includes: Weatherproof Shoulder Bag, 8 rechargeable NiMH cells, 1 x 3 m Test Lead, BNC to Crocodile Clips, AC Adaptor, DC Plug, Bicotest Model T631 Operating Manual.

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Bicotest T631 Coaxial Cable Fault Locator