Bicotest T625 High Specification Cable Fault Locator


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The Bicotest T625 is a product designed to offer the field technician a high end, long distance TDR in a rugged and robust package.

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The Bicotest T625 offers a complete solution for the field engineer. It is suited to telecom and LV applications. The T625 offers an unparalleled level of functionality and performance for the field engineer. It is built on the Bicotest test approach to producing rugged and robust field proof equipment (to IP54).

The T625 is a Time Domain Reflectometer, also known as a Pulse Echo Test set or Radar Cable Test Set, that provides visual indication of cable faults. Pulses transmitted into a cable
are reflected by cable imperfections. The transmitted pulse and the reflected pulse(s) are shown on the display.

The time taken by the pulse to travel to the fault and return is a measure of the distance to the fault. Distance to fault is displayed on the screen after the cursor is positioned to coincide with the start of the fault pulse. The type of fault can be determined by analysis of the displayed waveform.

Suitable for any type of metallic cable, including AC live in conjunction with a T600 AC blocking filter. The Model T625 is Bicotest’s most advanced TDR cable tester, with a range of 0 to 20 kilometres.

Note: The cable must contain at least two conductors or one conductor and screen.


Very wide range in a hand-portable cable fault locator - from 24 metres to 20 kilometres.
Easy to operate.
Suitable for any type of metallic cable.
Large, clear waveform display of full trace for accurate diagnosis.
Most faults clearly identified - from open circuits to wet joints.
Zoom for detailed examination.
12 memories for on-site waveform storage and comparison.
Measures metres, feet or time.
Auto programming for fast configuration.
PC compatibility for in-depth fault analysis.
8 test modes for fast fault location.
Dual input enables pair comparison and crosstalk location.

Bicotest T625 Specifications:

  • Sampling Accuracy: ±0.3 m (all ranges).
  • Fault Location Accuracy: 50 m  ±0.64% of range, 75 m ±0.43% of range, 150 m ±0.35% of range,
  • Dielectric Setting: 0.300 to 0.999 (PVF).
  • Cursor: Single vertical line + Marker.
  • Pulse Amplitude: Nominally 20 V into 100Ω.
  • Output Impedance: 100Ω.
  • Line Connections: 4 mm banana sockets, 19 mm spacing.
  • Input Protection: 300 V RMS, 0 to 60 Hz or 300 V DC.
  • Memories: 12.
  • Display: 240 X 128 pixel LCD (Waveform Area = 240 x 100 pixel).
  • Keyboard: Sealed membrane.
  • Battery Quantity: 8.
  • Battery Life: 12 hours from full charge, without backlight.
  • Backlight: LED backlight with auto switch off (5 mins).
  • Dimensions: 300 x 183 x 75 mm.
  • Weight: 2.9 kg (including batteries).
  • Bicotest T625 Warranty: One year.


Includes: Weatherproof Shoulder Bag, 8 rechargeable NiMH cells, 2 x 2m Test Leads, AC Adaptor, DC Plug, T625 Operating Manual.

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Bicotest T625 High Specification Cable Fault Locator