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You can use the Megger Torkel in Stand-Alone Mode or use it with a PC via Torkel Win Software.

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Megger TORKEL Win software builds up a voltage curve on the screen in real time and displays the current, voltage and capacity readings. You can also control the test using TORKEL Win.

Moreover, you can control a Megger Torkel from TORKEL Win during the test, print out a report and store the measured values in a text file, which can be imported easily into Microsoft EXCEL. Because TORKEL always stores the total voltage curve during the test (one curve can be stored), you can also connect TORKEL to a PC after the test, transfer the voltage curve, examine it and store it as a file using TORKEL Win.

The TORKEL Win software is delivered with every Megger TORKEL (not the Basic models). However a software key must be loaded into the TORKEL in order to make it able to communicate with TORKEL Win.

  • Shows the complete voltage curve.
  • Last recorded time, voltage, current & discharged capacity.
  • Scroll-window for all recorded values.
  • Remote control of TORKEL.
  • Report functions.
  • Transfer readings to a PC for storage, printout or export.


Includes: CD with Torkel Win Software Key.

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Megger TORKEL Win Software