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Chauvin F607 Power Clamp
  • Chauvin F607 Power Clamp
  • Chauvin F607 Power Clamp
  • Chauvin F607 Power Clamp

Chauvin F607 Power Clamp

chauvin arnoux authorised distributor.

Includes: Chauvin F607 Harmonics clamp, 1 x red/black banana/banana leads, 1 x red/black crocodile clips, 1 x of red/black test probes, PC communication software, 1 multilingual operating manual, carrying case.

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The Chauvin F607 harmonics clamp can be clamped around a conductor with just one hand. With a measurement range up to 3000A, its ability to measure AC or DC currents and the exceptional jaw opening capacity, this clamp is ideal for use on switchboards in small or large industrial installations.

Equipped with a fast 12-bit TRMS digital acquisition system, F407 clamps offer particularly accurate measurements. Due to their large bandwidth and high crest factor, these clamps guarantee accurate measurements whatever the type of signal.

IEC 61010 1,000 V CAT IV

The CE standard imposes product design constraints for test and measurement instruments. Professional electrical environments are divided into 4 categories. Category IV offers users the greatest safety. A Category IV instrument can be used on all parts of low-voltage installations. The F607 clamps comply with all the specifications imposed by the standards to guarantee the best possible safety for users.


By monitoring voltage and current harmonics, it is usually possible to determine which loads are polluting the electrical network. With the F407 clamp, the harmonics mode enables you to: determine the harmonic currents produced by non-linear loads, analyse the problems caused by these harmonics, depending on their order (heating of neutral, motors, etc.). THD measurement (THD-f and THD-r) can be  used to quantify the harmonics present on the network.

Recording to detect even intermittent faults

This is an important advantage for technicians in the field. In the event of random faults, they no longer have to wait for them to occur: the paperless recorder function enables them to record  the relevant parameters over time at a rate which they can define. The instrument automatically stores the average, minimum and maximum values in all the modes (voltage, current, power, etc.). All the parameters will be stored in the instrument’s memory. The programmable acquisition rate allows users to define the recording duration possible on the instrument. All the recordings will then be available as trend curves for analysis.


Up to 2,000A ac or 3,000Adc / ac+dc.
Clamping diam. 60mm.
W, var and VA power measurements.
Harmonics up to the 25th order, THD-f & THD-r.
Harmonic and frequency analysis.
TrueInrush current measurement.
Data recording and Bluetooth communication.
10,000-count triple display.

Chauvin Arnoux F607 Specifications
Clamping Diameter 60 mm.
Display Backlit LCD.
Resolution 10,000 counts.
Number of Values Displayed 3.
Type of Acquisition TRMS (AC, AC+DC]/DC).
Autorange Yes.
Automatic AC / DC detection Yes.
AC Current
AC Current Range 0.25 to 2,000 A (3,000 A peak).
DC Current Range 0.25 to 1500 A.
A AC+DC 0.25 to 3000 A
(3,000 A peak).
Best Accuracy 1% reading + 3 cts.
AC/DC Voltage
Range 0.15 to 1,000 V.
Range Current: 5.0 to 1000 Hz
Voltage: 5.0 to 20.00 kHz.
Range 0.1 to 99.99 kΩ.
Open Circuit Voltage ≤8 V.
Measurement Current ≤680 μA.
Audible Continuity
Continuity Threshold 40 Ω.
Diode Test No.
Single-phase and total three-phase power values
Active power 1 W to 2,000 kW.
Reactive power 1 var to 2,000 kvar.
Apparent power 1 VA to 2,000 kVA.
FP / DPF Yes/Yes.
Harmonic analysis Yes.
THDf / THDr Yes / Yes.
Frequency analysis 25th order.
Phase rotation (2-wire method) -
Dimensions 111 x 296 x 41 mm.
Weight 640 g.
Chauvin F407 warranty 3 years.


Chauvin F200+400+600 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Chauvin Arnoux F200, F400 & F600 Clamp Meters.

Download (1.84M)

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Chauvin F607 Power Clamp
Test leads PVC moulded lead 1.5m DM4 -CM4 Cat4 1kV RD/BK. P01295451Z
Test Leads Silicone moulded lead 1.5m DM4-CM4 Cat4 1kV. P01295453Z
Probes Moulded test probe Cat4 1 kV RD/BK. P01295454Z
Probes 2 PVC leads/test probes 1 5A 1.5m 1000V cat 4. P01295455Z
Croc Clips Crocodile clip Cat4 1kV R D/BK. P01295457Z

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