Megger PSS 750 Phase Selector Switch


Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Specifically designed to work with SVERKER 750 / 780 when testing three-phase relays.

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The PSS 750 handles both the current and voltage sources and single-phase or phase-phase testing can be selected. Together with the output-input switching the unit also contains a variable resistor that can be used together with the built-in capacitor in the Sverker 750.

The PSS 750 simplifies phase switching, selecting type of fault, phase reversing and gives a possibility to create a variable phase shift.

  • Max input voltage: 250 V AC / 3A.
  • Max input current: 6A / 250V AC.
  • Max resistor loading: 200 V AC / 200 mA (0.5A during 5 seconds.

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Megger PSS 750 Phase Selector Switch