Seaward PH3 Domed Head Proving Unit

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The Seaward PH3 is designed for use with potential indicators and phasing rods with domed contact electrodes.

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A proving unit for the Seaward KD1E, KD1E/KAD, KD1E/22, KD1E/15D & KD1E/33D.

A highly portable, battery powered proving unit for proving high voltage indicators, live line testers and digital potential indicators. The Seaward PH3 (domed contact electrode) proving unit produces a DC output voltage for confirming the operation of voltage indicators before and after use.

  • Domed contact electrode.
  • Output voltage: 1200V - 1500V DC nominal across 10MΩ.
  • Test terminals: Contact electrode and test post.
  • Indicator: Neon indication when output voltage is active.
  • Compliance: IEC61010-1:2001.
  • Dimensions: 110mm(h) x 85mm(w) x 60mm(d).

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Seaward PH3 Domed Head Proving Unit