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Megger ICLAMP 1000 A AC Current Probe

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Megger ICLAMP 1000 A AC Current Clamp, IN05039 Test Lead, DET3TX/DET4TX ICLAMP Ferrite, ICLAMP Lead 6220-807, ICLAMP Carry Bag.

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The Megger ICLAMP current probe is designed for measurements of AC currents up to 1000 A with a 1000:1 step-down ratio. The probe offers excellent accuracy (0.3% error at full range) and small phase shift (0.7° at full range) so it can be used for metering of power, energy and power quality applications.

ICLAMP can be used with the dedicated earth tester instruments DET3TC, DET4TC and DET4TCR and with the multifunction installation tester MFT1735 to perform the Attached Rod Technique (ART). ICLAMP can also be used in combination with a VCLAMP for stakeless testing using the DET4TC, DET4TCR and MFT1735.

With the MFT1730 and MFT1735 control switch in the clamp position the ICLAMP can be used to measure current in the range from 1 mA to 1000 A.


CAT IV 600 V current measurement to 1000 A AC.
1 mA/1 A sensitivity with rated burden of 1Ω.
Large jaws for cables up to 52 mm.
Overvoltage protection of the output terminals.
Suitable for leakage currents.


Power quality analysers.
Motor testers.
Clamp enabled earth testers.
Attached Rod Technique (ART).
Stakeless testing.
Data loggers.
Digital multimeters.

Amplitude and Phase Accuracy of the Output Signal
Primary Current * Accuracy of output signal Phase shift of output signal
1 mA - 100 mA ≤1% + 5μA not specified
0.1 A - 1 A ≤1% + 5μA ≤0.7°
1 A - 10 A ≤1% + 5μA ≤0.7°
10 A - 100 A ≤0.5% ≤0.7°
100 A – 1000 A ≤0.3% ≤0.7°
* Unless otherwise specified, reference conditions are: 22 ±3°C, 50% humidity, sinusoidal current at 50/60 Hz, no DC offset, centred conductor, external magnetic field <40 A/m, load impedance (burden) ≤ 1 Ω.
Megger IClamp Specifications
Voltage (DC)
Maximum continuous current 1000 A at ≤500 Hz
100 A at >500 Hz.
Frequency bandwidth 15 Hz – 10 kHz.
Crest Factor ≥6 for current up to 2000 A peak (300 A rms).
Influence of crest factor ≤1% for CF≤4.
Nominal load impedance ≤1 Ω (burden resistance).
Maximum output voltage ≤28 V peak (electronic limiter).
Influence of frequency 30 Hz – 5 kHz ≤0.25%.
Influence of conductor position in the jaws ≤0.3% of amplitude.
Load influence up to 5Ω Ω amplitude within specification up to 900 A
≤0.25% of amplitude above 900 A
≤0.1° on phase.
Influence of DC offset ≤2% up to 20 A DC.
Working voltage ≤600 V rms.
General Specifications
Operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C.
Influence of temperature ≤0.1% on amplitude phase within specification.
Max. conductor diameter 52 mm.
Casing protection IP40 with jaws closed.
Output terminals 4 mm shrouded sockets.
Electrical safety IEC 61010-1:2010
IEC 61010-2- 030:2010
EMC IEC61326-1.
Safety CAT IV 600 V Pollution degree 2.
Dimensions 45 mm x 110 mm x 218 mm.
Weight 700g.
Megger iClamp Warranty One-year.


Megger IClamp Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger IClamp 1000A AC Current Probe.

Download (242.89k)

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Megger ICLAMP 1000 A AC Current Probe

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