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Chauvin C.A 6121 Remote Control Pedal
  • Chauvin C.A 6121 Remote Control Pedal

Chauvin C.A 6121 Remote Control Pedal

chauvin arnoux authorised distributor.

The C.A 6121 Remote Control Pedal frees the hands of the user and provides the On/Off functions for the test and memorisation of the result (double pedal).

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The remote control pedal is used to trigger and to stop the measurement (in each function), as well as to save the displayed result with the foot. Chauvin recommend using the pedal when both hands are occupied with the test probes, or when tests are being made at a distance from the instrument, by means of longer cables.

How does the remote control pedal work?

The START/STOP function of the pedal is absolutely identical to that of the front panel of the instrument when the pedal is not connected.

The SAVE function of the pedal is automatic, which means that you simply press the SAVE pedal once to save the result displayed in the location following the machine number. The machine number must be defined beforehand.

Technical specifications of the pedal:

Cable length: 10 m.
Case: metallic.
Weight: 2 kg.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 175 x 55 mm.

NOTE: When the remote control pedal is connected to the instrument, the START function on the front panel is not operational, whilst the STOP function is operational.

For use with the Chauvin Arnoux CA6121 machine tester.

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Chauvin C.A 6121 Remote Control Pedal

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