T&R KV30-40 Mk2 High Voltage AC Test System

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The T&R KV30-40 mk2 series high voltage test sets are general purpose test instruments designed for testing insulation systems and the measurement of breakdown voltage on electrical plant and components.

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NB: The KV30-40 mk2 has been discontinued due to the meters used becoming obsolete. The new replacement is the KV30-40D, with digital meters, as well as a timer built in as standard.

The T&R KV30-40 mk 2 unit has an output voltage variable from zero to 30kV with accurate metering on both the output voltage and current. A zero-voltage interlock is provided, ensuring that the output may only be energised with the voltage control at zero. The units T and R KV30-40 case.feature automatic mains voltage selection and an external 24Vdc interlock circuit for connection of emergency off switches aned enclosure interlocks.

The test object and output are protected by an adjustable current trip. The trip level of the T&R KV30-40 may be set to 10-110% of the rated output in 10% steps. Breakdown of the test object is visibly indicated. The unit must be manually reset after a trip condition before testing can be resumed.

The KV30-40 Mk2 series are fitted with a 24Vdc external interlock socket. This interlock prevents the output being energised unless an external circuit is closed. The interlock circuit may also be used to connect normally closed emergency off switches to the unit wired in series with any interlock switches.


0-30kV (KV30-40) output voltage.
1.2kVA output capability.
Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation.
Dual overload protection.
Variable electronic trip – 10-110% of rated output.
Voltage and current metering.
Zero-volt interlock.
External 24Vdc interlock circuit.
Visual indication of test piece failure.

T&R KV30-40 mk2 Specification:

  • Output voltage: 0-30kV.
  • Output current: 20mA (continuous), 40mA (5 mins).
  • Supply Requirements: 115V/230V±10% auto-selecting 50/60Hz.
  • Storage Temp: -20°C to 60°C.
  • Operating Temp: 0°C to 45°C.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 470mm.
  • Weight: 42kg.
  • T&R KV30-40 mk2 warranty: 1 year.

Includes: Permanently connected 2 metre long HV output lead, T&R ES30 earthing stick, Spare fuses, Earth lead, T&R KV30-40 Operating Manual and Calibration Certificate.

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T&R KV30-40 Mk2 High Voltage AC Test System