T&R DMO600 Pelicase Version

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The T&R DMO600 unit has a powerful output capable of driving 600A through 20m output leads yet weighs only 15.8kg

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This unit is as the DMO600 but fitted into a plastic pelicase.

The T&R DMO600 is a high current micro-ohmmeter suitable for measuring very low resistances in a wide range of applications. The unit is equally suited to commissioning, maintenance, and production line environments. Contact resistances in circuit breakers, switch panels, isolators, and busbar joints are all easily and safely measured.

The DMO600 has pre-settable output current  and electronic current control. Resistance is measured using the four wire method to remove the effect of the lead resistances. Current is injected using a pair of high current leads and the voltage drop across the resistance to be measured is picked up with sense connections. In addition, an optional current clamp may be connected to monitor any current lost to parallel connection paths (such as the earth current when testing large circuit breakers with safety earths connected to both sides of the breaker).

The unit has data storage facilities using a USB memory key, and comments can be entered to be stored with the results using a USB keyboard.

  • Simple to use - easy to adjust functions and settings.
  • 10 - 600A DC test current.
  • 0.1μΩ to 5Ω resistance.
  • USB storage using USB key and keyboard - stored in CSV files for easy transfer to PC.
  • 600A current for 2 minutes with 15 minutes off.
  • 200A continuous current.
  • High quality colour LCD display.
  • Fully programmable test current.
  • 90 to 264V supply voltage.
  • Thermal and overcurrent protection.
  • Output ripple of less than 2.5%.
  • Weight: 19.7kg.
  • T&R DMO 600 Warranty: 1 year.


Includes: T & R DMO600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter, Operating Manual, Output Lead Set, Mains Lead, Earth Lead, USB Memory Key and USB Keyboard.

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T&R DMO600 Pelicase Version