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Cropico DO4002 Portable Digital Microhmmeter
  • Cropico DO4002 Portable Digital Microhmmeter

Cropico DO4002 Portable Digital Microhmmeter

Cropico authorised distributor and service centre.

Includes: Cropico DO4002, non rechargeable batteries, lead set LS06-P, operating handbook and calibration certificate.

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The Cropico DO4002 digital microhmmeter offers true portability without any sacrifice to accuracy or functionality. The DO 4002 is a portable digital milli ohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in multiple industries workshop, field or test labs. The DO4002 microhmmeter is made of a rugged construction & contained in a sturdy plastic case.

The measured values are displayed on a large LCD screen which allows for ease of viewing. Automatic or manual range selection is available and many advanced features are included.


True 4 terminal measurement eliminates lead resistance errors.
Measuring range from 4 milli ohm to 400 ohm.
1 micro ohm resolution.
True zero capabilities.
Digital Calibration.
Auto / Manual range selection.
Open circuit lead warning LED.
1A measuring current.
Auto power off to maximise battery life.

Cropico DO4002 Specifications
Range Resolution Typical Current Accuracy @ 20°C ±5°C 1 Year Temperature Coefficient (°C)
400 Ω 100 mΩ 1 mA ±(0.05% Rdg + 0.02% FS) 30 ppm Rdg + 1 ppm FS
4 Ω 10 mΩ 10 mA ±(0.05% Rdg + 0.02% FS) 30 ppm Rdg + 1 ppm FS
40 Ω 1 mΩ 100 mA ±(0.05% Rdg + 0.02% FS) 30 ppm Rdg + 1 ppm FS
400 mΩ 100 μΩ 1 A ±(0.05% Rdg + 0.03% FS) 30 ppm Rdg + 4 ppm FS
40 mΩ 10 μΩ 1 A ±(0.05% Rdg + 0.05% FS) 30 ppm Rdg + 25 ppm FS
4 mΩ 1 μΩ 1 A ±(0.05% Rdg + 0.01% FS) 30 ppm Rdg + 25 ppm FS
Additional Specifications
Measurement 4 terminal Kelvin/Thomson principle eliminates errors due to lead resistance.
Display 15mm LCD 4000 count with automatic decimal point and polarity indication.
Ranges 6 automatic or manual selection with LED indication.
Terminals 4mm safety sockets.
Safety EN 61010-1 EMC-3N 61236.
Zero and Ave Buttons to null measurement offsets.
Protection 415V rms maximum at the measurement terminals will blow internal protection fuse.
Calibration Digital security key protected.
Battery Removable pack with 5 x 1.5V non-rechargeable batteries. Separate rechargeable pack, charger and docking station as optional extras.
Working Temperature 0 to +40°C relative humidity 80% max non-condensing.
Storage Temperature -20 to +50°C.
Dimensons 215 x 130 x 55 mm (w x h x d) approx.
Weight 0.8 kg (2lbs).
Cropico DO4002 warranty 1 year (subject to product registration with Seaward).


Cropico DO4000 Series Datasheet

PDF Datasheet of the Cropico DO4000 Series Microhmmeters.

Download (1.34M)

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Cropico DO4002 Portable Digital Microhmmeter
4000-01 Rechargeable battery pack includes battery cassette with rechargeable batteries.
Docking station also acts as bench stand and charger.
4000-02 Replaceable battery holder with non-rechargeable batteries. 100124
4000-03 Replaceable battery holder with rechargeable batteries. 100125
CB02 Carrying bag with shoulder strap and lead pouch. 200290
HS01-P 2 x Duplex handspike with 3m lead length. 190077
HS02-P Duplex handspikes with 3 and 15m lead length. 190057
LS03-P Lead set with 3m leads terminated in large Kelvin clips type KC3. 190045
LS04-P Lead set with 3 and 15m lead length terminated in large Kelvin clips type KC3. 190046
LS05 Lead set with 4 x 1m leads terminated in banana plugs, 4 x crocodile clips,
4 x test probes and 2 x Kelvin clips type KC1.
LS06-P Lead set with 1m leads terminated in miniature Kelvin clips type KC2. 190050
CH01 Concentric handspikes. 930108
PT01-4000 Rod type Pt100 probe with 2m lead. 190035
PT03-4000 Stubby Pt100 probe for ambient temperature measurement. 190037

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