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The Cropico DO4001 is a handheld digital Micro ohmmeter used to measure low resistance from 4 micro ohms to 4 kilo ohms.

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The cropico DO4001 portable digital milliohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities. This milliohmmeter is of rugged construction contained in a sturdy plastic case.

The Cropico 4001 employs the four terminal resistance measurement method to eliminate the effect of lead resistance errors. The measured values are displayed on a 4-digit LCD display; an overflow of the selected range is also indicated.

Simple push button selection of the range required plus and auto range feature ensures the ohmmeters may be easily used by unskilled personnel, error and status warnings are illuminated when appropriate. The utmost care has been used to ensure that the ohmmeters will withstand accidental mains voltage applied to the measuring terminals, but it is not recommended that voltage should be applied.


True 4 terminal measurement eliminates lead resistance errors.
Measuring range from 4 milli ohm to 4 kilo ohm.
Temperature compensation (using PT100 probe).
10 micro ohm resolution.
True zero capabilities.
Digital Calibration.
Auto / Manual range selection.
Automatic temperature compensation.
Temperature measuring range -50 to +800°C.
Open circuit lead warning LED.
100mA measuring current.
Auto power off to maximise battery life.

Cropico DO4001 Specifications:

  • Ranges: 6 automatic or manual selection with LED indication.
  • Range & Current: 4kΩ (100µA), 400Ω (100mΩ), 40Ω (10mA), 4Ω (10mA), 400mΩ (10mA), 40mΩ (100mA).
  • Working temperature: 0 - +40°C rel. humidity max. 80% non condensing.
  • Display: 15mm 4 digit, LCD 15 mm height.
  • Battery: Removable pack with 5 1.5V non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Safety: EN 61010-1 EMC-EN 61236.
  • Dimensions: 215 x 130 x 55 (WHD).
  • Weight: 0.8 Kgs.
  • Cropico DO4001 Warranty: 1 year.

Includes: Cropico DO4001, non rechargeable batteries, lead set LS06-P, operating handbook and calibration certificate.

Weight 0.8kg approx
Calibration Certificate Yes
Test Current 100mA

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Cropico DO4001 Digital Microhmmeter